Forza Horizon dev talks next-gen Kinect

"Better resolution... better gesture recognition is an absolute must for the next Kinect," says Playground.

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Septic2217d ago

Completely agree.

However, I was hoping for more than just Kinect 2.0. I feel that Kinect represents motion control gaming at its infancy and that the tech itself should be elaborated on either by way for example, of additional hardware like the 'glove' reported earlier or something else.

mcstorm2216d ago

Im looking forward to seeing what MS do with the Next Xbox and the next Kinect.

I am a fan of Kinect and it has some very good and interesting games that I have enjoyed playing and its nice to see Microsoft also opening up the game to Family's ect.

I think Forza 4 used Kinect very well and I see Forza Horizon adding to that experience.

As for Fable I loved 1 and 2 and I felt let down by 3. I was put off by the new Fable game but I gave the Demo a go the other night and I have to say I was impressed the controls were spot on and it works very well. Ok its kind of on the rails but the game works.

If people look at the limits of what Kinect has at the moment but then looks at some of the interesting controls games like Ghost Recon, Fable Journey, Rise of nightmares, Steel Battalion and Child of Edon Forza 4 and Halo CEA you can see what the next Kinect could offer us with better tech.

On a Side note I cant wait to get my hands on Forza Horizon it looks like its going to be my game of the year.