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Should Next Gen Focus On Graphics, Or Physics And Gameplay?

Imagine for one second that you're playing a FPS multiplayer game with similar visuals to Killzone 3, or sightly better, but this time around the environment is not so dead and scripted. Where if you find yourself in a room and C4 detonates, there's a big chance that this room might come crumbling down. Imagine being able to interact with nearly everything you see on that map , from vehicles to trees and animals. A game where you every building is accessible, and if a door is lock then you break the lock, and electric poles can be brought down and entire entire map can experience a black out leaving whoever didn't bother to equip night vision goggles, to sorely regret their choices. A game where each map follows a 24 hour day/night cycle and changing weather cycles, making them even more unpredictable, and actually causing your character to react to those conditions in either a positive or negative way. I know that games like Battlefield have done some of the things on a much smaller scales,such as destructible environment, but I really think that should be the focus of next gen games.

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Community4269d ago
Cupid_Viper_34269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

I agree but I think physics and game play should be the front runner. I don't want to see worse looking games then what we have this gen, but if it's on par with better game play, that's a win in my book.

@ NYC_Gamer, yes in theory it should, but are you willing to shell $500.00 and up for that capable hardware? I mean people are complaining about the PS Vita and that's $250.00.

Captain Qwark 94269d ago

agree with you 100%. if i had to pick and couldnt have all three it would be 1. gameplay 2. phy 3. graphics.

im actually good with how most games look now, id much rather see better gameplay and mind blowing realistic physics when required

Razmossis4269d ago

Atmosphere > graphics

Batman and Bioshock did atmosphere perfectly, and happened to have the best single player gameplay this generation imo

Lvl_up_gamer4269d ago

@ Razmossis

Don't forget Dead Space. Perfect atmosphere for that game. Sound, lighting etc...just perfect.

Gazondaily4269d ago

Admittedly, this is the hardest area to develop for, but I feel that there is too much focus on visuals and other areas to the detriment of A.I.

Part of a next-gen experience is a truly believable world, and part and parcel of that world (or worlds) are the inhabitants that occupy them. In today's games, A.I operates at a remedial level. It can shatter the illusion and thus, immersion in games. Yesterday for example, I was playing Mass Effect and had two of my companions facing a wall whilst they got peppered by bullets.

Advancing A.I is no mean feat but developers seem to have neglected this area. To put things in perspective, the A.I in Halo:CE was (and quite rightly so) critically acclaimed for reacting to the battlefield situation, flanking etc. To this day, this hasn't advanced at all (and in many games like COD is even worse).

There should be a concerted effort amongst developers (or a few of them) to focus on Artificial Intelligence. Otherwise, we'll end up with amazingly rendered worlds and characters with the intelligence of Natalia from Goldeneye *shudders*

ProjectVulcan4269d ago

Gameplay of course, BUT, if choose one technical aspect that needs work on that is very easy-

Artificial Intelligence.

I want to see proper leaps in coding for AI enemies and allies. In reality the AI we have now seems barely improved on what it was a decade ago in many games.

How many times do you see enemies or allies do incredibly dumb things...

darthv724269d ago

akin to substance in a movie or book. If you have a really good story line that plays out on screen (movie) or your imagination (book) then the rest isnt as critical.

Case in point. we have seen plenty of really good looking games that are dull and boring. Same can be said about movies. Lots of explosions and language and nudity (all pretty much filler) but no real substance/story.

A game has to be able to not only entertain the player but make them feel like they are part of it. That is where the good games are that make you want to sit and play all the way through.

Im not saying there isnt room for improvement graphically but physics can go hand in hand with the graphics. Its all the eye candy and perception of how things flow but the real meat and potatoes is the story/gameplay itself.

Cupid_Viper_34269d ago

I think TLoU is actually trying to find that balance between graphics and AI, which is what I think will really set it apart from other games this gen.

@ Darthv92
I agree with you, the game play carries such weight yet it often given the least bit of attention.

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teedogg804269d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth.

BrutallyBlunt4269d ago

I'd like to see more advancements in different types of gameplay and better A.I. There should also be more focus on polishing the games and getting them to run smoothly.

Freak of Nature4269d ago

WE are at a time that we should be getting it all....No real excuses. Immersion in a atmospheric setting, style and creativity should go hand in hand with gameplay. A.I. levels and physics should take a leap forward now, and these games should be polished, run smooth and have as little hiccups as can be...

With the lower ceilings removed for the most part, gameplay should have greater depth, more choice and some new advancements added to it...

BrutallyBlunt4269d ago

Totally agree. We are at a point in time where the graphics should no longer be the main focus. Games should start feeling more organic. How many times have you played a game where you die and the same actions keep repeating themselves? That's when you notice just how scripted games still are.

One big concern i have though is games requiring less skill from the player. Look at a game like Mario. It used to be hard, you only had a few lives which made you pay attention. Much like what Dark Souls and Demon Souls tried to do, make staying alive more rewarding and keep players on their toes. Now Mario games have almost endless amount of lives. ZombieU looks awesome but is it going to be an easy game to play? Are you going to go into a room and still have the game be scripted? Is that element of surprise only a one time deal? Can the enemies adapt to your playing and skill level so that there is always a challenge? How interactive are the surroundings?

Games like DOOM used to be corridor games from point A to B. Now games can have many corridors and gamers should be able to interact with everything within those rooms. It should feel like a real room. You should be able to rip the door off and use it for cover. You should be able to throw your gun at the enemy if you run out of ammo, not just mele attack. There's so many things they can do in the existing world instead of this need to just make it prettier.

neogeo4269d ago

I just want all doors to be open in open world games and not all look the same inside. Oblivion, skyrim, fallout. yeah you can go inside everywhere but after soon it's just the same recycled crap over and over, cut and paste chairs and walls, beds, ext. I want a TRUE open world game like GTA and every door is open and free to explore on a super diverse engine.

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NYC_Gamer4269d ago

Why not all?the hardware should be able to handle.

Godmars2904269d ago

It should strive for a necessity and balance between the...three?

Would like to say not seeing a point in mention physics, but then I see games which don't really need them them. A SHMUP which shouldn't have to rely on physical assets have too many because they're built into the engine its based on.

4269d ago
WiiUalpha4269d ago

I would love for all 3 to be the focus. This gen was kind of a let down in game play. I am not saying we didnt get advances but not like we did last gen. Compare open world PS2 games to open world games this gen. Many game play elements are missing. Compare last gen JRPGs to this gen. Few open world JRPGs exist.
GTA took a step back between San Andreas and GTA4 because they spent so much time focused on the graphics of the game they had to make cuts somewhere.