Review: Borderlands 2 (8bitfix)

8bitfix writes: Borderlands 2 will allow the player to see what has happened recently in Pandora, since it is set five years after the events from the first Borderlands. The Hyperion Corporation has gained a new CEO, Handsome Jack, who has the people of Pandora under his command. While the player is greeted with some familiar faces that we know and love from the first Borderlands title, a set of four new heroes are introduced as playable characters in Borderlands 2. In order to defeat Handsome Jack, they must utilize their strengths to free Pandora from his restraint.

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themanplan2222d ago

This game is busting through the walls of the game industry, bringing an immense amount of guns into a world wich spans mailes and is hours long. I have finished this game too, and agree that this is truly a good game. Well worth the price i paid for at

shammgod2222d ago

Ha, I like your link and agree! There is little they could have done to make this game better.