Nintendo says no to MMOs

Well, there go our dreams for a PokéMMO; Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed that Nintendo has no interest in developing an MMO at this time, putting to rest the rumor of a massively multiplayer version of Animal Crossing, as well as any hope for Nintendo further broadening their online offerings.

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wiizy5407d ago

im sure that will happen.. nintendo is just secretive

INehalemEXI5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

MMO's require an HDD most times.

incogneato5407d ago

No Pokemon MMO? Most likely no Wii for me then. This is the only game I truly desire.

desolationstorm5407d ago

I just dont see how Animal cross shouldnt be a small scale mmo. Like ok doesnt have to be one massive world or anything but lets atleast have small towns of cpu/real players. then be like the others and be able to travel to differnt towns.

Like Id be cool if Nintendo let like firneds with frined codes form towns towns together. Then you can travel to other towns. I dont know because Nintendo is always so up tight. I am looking forward to AC so much that id really really want it to be a little more open to online.

5 Things I want
1. Online towns
2. Use Miis(the animals can stay just let us use our miis)
3. Ability to move from town to town
4. Ability to open up a business(like design business or a trading business) or arrange town events.
5. Ability to move your house to differnt locations.
Theres more but those are things that interest me.

That I think would be awesome, Im not naive and looking for one giant world because Nintendo would not do that. Though giving us the ability to have towns with our firneds would be awesome. Plus if you meet someone else who is in another town you can be sent an invite to move to that town. Just small sacle like 6-8 people per town. Or hell just put them in random towns with other people and give them the ability to move.

The ability to move is important for me because it extends the game. Because after you get the biggest house then what? You find a house or a differnt spot to move your house.

darkside5407d ago

Great move Nintendo!!, what the He11 is wrong with animalcrossing MMO??

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The story is too old to be commented.