Five New Import Tuner Challenge Screens

Ubisoft today released five new screenshots of it's upcoming street racer, Import Tuner Challenge.

The shots show you the high polygon car models that will be on show in the game, as well as dropping a few hints about the customisation system.

Click the link to see the screens.

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OC_MurphysLaw5371d ago

This game just does not impress me. Unless they can drastically improve it visually or show me compellig game play...I will pass.

Chewy 1015371d ago

It came out today, so its not improving.

Chewy 1015371d ago

And here's a gameplay vid, nevermind the vid quality though:

TR0N5371d ago

i loved tokyo extreme2 on dreamcast but when the series went to playstation2 the graphics turned me off, but now that its on the 360 i will pick it up

Chronical5371d ago

I have that game too for dreamcast. i might get this game. id like to try it first.

Madmax12819805371d ago

This Game Dont Look That Bad Ive Seen Worse And Obviously Better But Its Another Game For The 360.

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