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TrevorPhillips2317d ago

Looks awesome! Can't wait to play zombies! :D

black9112317d ago

The only reason I play call of Duty. Been playing since [email protected] I dont do Easter eggs or glitches. I been to round 50 or higher on every map.

Commander_TK2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

@HCG! Haha the founder and former president of the Trey Brotherhood!

Zydake2317d ago

Can't wait! Only reason to buy Call of Duty now. The beginning intro with the bus reminds me of walking dead. Maybe they'll throw in some Easter Eggs about the show, game or TellTale

matt19912317d ago

I wonder why you got a Disagree. Any way i agree it would be cool if they had a level based on a walking dead location like the barn.

Convas2317d ago

Zombies is hands down the best part of Black Ops and this looks like it'll be even better!

SolidStoner2316d ago

I played all COD's and I dont get zombie mode also, it was ok, but nothing more (for me). I consider this COD to be first I didnt and will not buy... 1st reason I dont like fake stuff and stories, 2nd reason is that I played and buyed enough same COD! Sadly..

Knight_Crawler2316d ago

Looks better than Resident EVIL 6 zombies who can snipe from 20 miles away.

Ares84HU2317d ago

Teaser to a trailer.....nice.

Trailer of the trailer of the trailer of the trailer of the game.

Der_Kommandant2317d ago

The only thing i'm excited about Call of Duty

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The story is too old to be commented.