Rumor: Notch tweets game devs will kill selves after 0x10c is "dropped"

It seems that Markus "Notch" Persson has either cancelled his far-flung futuristic space strategy game 0x10c - or thinks it's the most gangstah game ever.

The developer tweeted, "It was all good just a week ago, game devs feel themselves, then 0x10c dropped, game devs kill themselves" adding the hashtag "#gangstadev".

He then added a few minutes later cryptically, "No, it hasn't dropped yet, but neither had watch the throne when they recorded that line. Confidence! =D"

Notch had posted two weeks ago that he might have to start over on 0x10c because it was "not fun".

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Snookies123284d ago

Lol that's why I like the dude... If something in the game isn't fun, he just starts over.

Allsystemgamer3283d ago

But it could be bad too. What I every element was fantastic but then he restarts because 1 thing is off?

dedicatedtogamers3283d ago

Sometimes the fundamentals are bad enough that it is easier to start fresh. I wish more developers would have this attitude, actually.

ElementX3283d ago

I've never been a fan of Notch.