Has This Really Been The Worst Console Generation Ever?

Don’t let the title fool you, this isn’t so much about the games that we’ve gotten this generation, we’ve seen some of the best and most innovative games of all time thanks to the current console generation. Games aside, this generation has bred a ton of negative trends that have actually hurt the industry and might cause the eventual decline that many have seen coming for a long time in the gaming world.

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Godmars2902222d ago

In terms or creativity and diversity most certainly. RPGs really took a hit.

black9112222d ago

I'll wait till The Last Of Us is released.

MaideninBlack2222d ago

I must be the only PS3 owner not looking forward to The Last of Us, or 99% of the announced games coming out next year for any system.

ChunkyLover532222d ago

There were still some great RPG's though, if anything the big drawbacks were developers trying to dumb down their games, and on disk/day one DLC.

Godmars2902222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

The first Fallout 3 aside, which offered a good story with an originally flawed ending - and I've yet to play but plan to - what "good" RPGs there have been this gen were more about sandboxes.

If ME had been more about the squad than just Shepard, actively participating in story failures rather than being told of them and involved the honest gathering/utilization of information rather than being spoon fed it by boobluscious whore with a golden spoon, then I'd call it an RPG. As it was after ME1 it was a TPS with set piece drama.

Likewise things like Skyrim and Fable fail as RPGs because any real fun that comes from them happens from breaking their world and narrative.

But is Demons/DarkSouls really an RPG? Its really more of a first person dungeon crawler.

Witcher and DA I'll give you but the rest are question marks as far as I'm concerned. Are too few in terms of the number of RPGs there were last gen, and when you really look at most weren't as complex or deep as prior generations.

Ducky2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

^ What about Demons/DarkSouls, DragonsDogma, DragonAge (excluding DA2), KingdomOfAmalur and Witcher?

They're not all really sandboxes, but you have some freedom to arse around in them.

CommonSenseGamer2222d ago

This generation felt like rehash city, old ips with higher poly counts and higher res textures. Yes there has been some stellar exclusives over the past few years but overall its felt like HD re-runs.