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v0rt3x2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Well it seems like after the lackluster success of Star Wars Online, the controversy surrounding DA2 and ME3 - EA finally pulled the plug and let some heads roll.

I say: Good!

Let someone else take over - however I fear that it'll be another indoctrinated EA manager.

The good ol' days of BioWare seem to have come to an end.

However if it was up to them and they decided to leave the industry as a whole - who can blame them.

It's a broken thing these days.

It's never nice to see people leave or loose their jobs, so I bid them farewell and good luck - but it doesn't come to me as much of a surprise.

It was only a matter of time.

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DevilishSix2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

v0rt3x you may think this is good, but if you case study RARE. They didn't get better when the Stamper Brothers left, in fact many gamers would probably say, it was all downhill from there.

You could be right or seriously wrong, once these founders direction is no longer evident in the development process.

v0rt3x2316d ago

@DevilishSix - I'm not saying its going to get better from here - the BioWare I know has long since past.

It just doesn't come to much of a surprise to me.

Nate-Dog2316d ago

I guess we'll find out if they ever move onto other jobs whether it was EA that pushed them out the door (literally), whether it working under EA that forced them to want to leave, or whether they just felt like it was simply time to go after being there for so long. Either way, best of luck to them for the future.

XB1_PS42316d ago

Very sad, you never know though. The people they have lead my actually put the ship on track..

I see that they said the next game will be on "new gaming technology" does this mean next gen launch title?

aGameDeveloper2316d ago

Seeing as they are retiring exactly 5 years after EA acquired Bioware, I suspect their timing is more due to a lockout in the buyout agreement...

pixelsword2316d ago

Ah, very insightful! I think your name is a little more accurate than most will admit.

humbleopinion2315d ago

My thoughts exactly. Well put.

cleft52316d ago

I apologize for the personal attack, but I am just tired of seeing a good company like Bioware that tries to push the gaming industry forward being crucified over small stuff. The character development and the inclusion of the ability to play as a gay or lesbian character is a truly bold statement. So many other companies shy away from the issue of gender and sexuality, but Bioware embraces this issue and tackles it head on. Yet the gamers give them so much hatred because of 2 or 3 games with bad elements out of the tons of good games they have done.

I am sorry, but when I read this statement by you "EA finally pulled the plug and let some heads roll. I say: Good!" I just snapped and lost my patience completely. I shouldn't have personalize my comment like that but it was just a knee jerk response.

Xof2316d ago

Sorry, but nope. Any lingering quality left in Bioware after it was bought into EA was likely there precisely because the 'old guard' still had some voice. The decreasing quality of Bioware games is most likely the result of their decreasing influence...

This is how EA operates. It's happened before, just as Devilish 6 pointed out. If you're expecting Bioware games to somehow improve... you are sadly deluded.

Hell, with this, Bioware no longer exists, period. It's just another "brand" in EA's library.

Most of the real talent at Bioware left ages ago for Black Isle, and with the two founders gone, there's nothing left.

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majiebeast2316d ago

I just want to congratulate EA for making 2 people passionate about gaming quit their job *golfclap* This is only second to Capcom who overworked Ono so badly he ended up in the hospital.

nrvalleytime2316d ago

It is a shame. The industry needs more visionaries like these men, whose brains were their greatest assets.

Well, until ME3's ending that is.

pixelsword2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

EA wanted Mass of Duty.

They said no.

This announcement five minutes after the no.

Just guessin' though.

dc12316d ago

Very Very funny!!
+ Bub to you pixelsword.

pompombrum2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Get out while you can, the corporate machine that is EA have taken over what was once a great company. Congratulations Bioware, you're journey to the realms of Bullfrog, Maxis, Westwood etc will soon be completed. The company voted worst in America strikes again.

cleft52316d ago

A truly sad they in the video game industry. I wish both of the doctors well.

NYC_Gamer2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

EA is just one of the worst publishers around.They just destroy everything in sight by making studios aim towards casuals.What studio is next to be ruined?

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