3 Reasons The Wii U Is a Next Generation System

We hear a lot of comments on internet saying the Wii U is not "next gen" and will be out powered by the PS4 and Xbox 720 just like the Wii out muscled by the PS3 and 360. While we do believe the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be stronger than the Wii U, we do not feel those the Wii U will be in the same situation the Wii U was graphically compared to the PS3 and 360. Here are 3 reasons we feel the Wii U is indeed a next gen system, even after the PS4 and 720 come out.

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iamnsuperman2223d ago

only one reason really......It is Nintendo's next system and so the eighth generation of console systems.

Theyellowflash302223d ago

If you read the article, it actually says "3 Reasons The Wii U Is Next Generation System Beyond the fact its the next system for Nintendo making it Next Gen"

But yeah thats really the only reason it needs but the internet doesn't see it that way.

sikbeta2223d ago

1) 8th gen console.
2) tech jump exists, the console is more powerful than current gen consoles.
3) not needed.

blitz06232223d ago

Anyone who disagrees with iamnsuperman is an idiot.

Regardless of the "power" of the Wii U, it will still be released 6 years after the Wii and PS3 and thus will start the next generation of consoles.

ChunkyLover532223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Beat me to it. Next gen has nothing to do with tech or anything inside the console.

Also, there wont be as big a difference between Nintendo's/Microsoft's /Sony's console next gen because the Wii U is full HD and capable of 1080p and 60fps.

I'd consider it more of a difference between the original Xbox and the PS2. The original Xbox was in HD, was very powerful and had the ability to have more characters on the screen at the same time and offered textures and particles ect.... The PS2 still had good looking games though. As long as all three companies are putting out great games that play well, the tech doesn't matter.

A Quantum Leap is the smallest leap there is, I don't honestly think were going to get the big leap like we had this generation. I'd be happy with no pop-in, screen tears, 1080p native and 60fps.

corrus2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

You only fooling yourself the new consoles of Microsoft and Sony will be beasts compared with Nintendo console

PopRocks3592223d ago


And anonymous devs said the Wii U was weaker than what is out right now and evidently it turned out to be completely false.

Besides, if the leap is as large as Remedy describes, don't expect them to be cheap. Not by a long shot.

torchic2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )


if you're willing, you'll be paying for quality. simple is that.

a very powerful console being expensive is not bad thing. Sony did make a mistake launching at $599 but if anything it can work to their advantage, as now they can command high prices and people will buy, kinda like Apple. I don't think they'll go for $599 but around $399 - $450 is my guess.

people are more willing to pay high prices for new consoles nowerdays than in 2005/2006.

PopRocks3592223d ago

No video game console is worth paying over $400. I don't care how powerful the consoles are or what the games are like. I will never pay that much money for it. I simply can't afford it.

I waited years to get a PS3 at $350 with a copy of Metal Gear 4 and it completely worked out for me. I bought the 360 at launch for $400. Never would have gotten it were it anything higher.

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WeskerChildReborned2223d ago

Yep, some people would be calling this a current gen console smh.

slayorofgods2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

It's a inbetween generation of console's..
Or a this generation and a half...

Or maybe it's just nintendos next generation and they are planning to reduce life cycles in half compared to the competition?

Maybe Nintendo will follow suit with apple and make a WiiU 1, WiiU 2, WiiU 3, and Wii U 4 all of next generation to stay ahead of the competition?

Who knows.. But certainly Nintendo is on a different wave length compared to MS and Sony on the term "next generation."

avengers19782223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

number one reason that it's not the limited HDD 32 gigs, is nothing... A few downloaded games and your done, especially if there full HD games, or movies.
current gen PS3 and 360 320 gigs and 250 gigs.... you'd think they would at least hit that mark.
I imagine both Playstation and xbox's next consoles will have like a TB HDD.

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Fishy Fingers2223d ago

Can we get a new argument. It's like a broken record round here.

FinalomegaS2223d ago

Can't because we have always keep getting the same old regurgitated piece of news/blog and the internet must re-use-repeat the same.

to think we have to wait how many more weeks before it can calm down. Then the Nextbox and ps4 rumors will be in swing ( internet will be on fire again)

Look on the bright side...ok there is none lol.

Qrphe2223d ago

I'll give you the one and only reason.
It's being released in 2012, 6 years after the last generation.

These articles are stupid beyond belief.

corrus2223d ago

I am with you this articles are stupid

Theyellowflash302223d ago

So if Nintendo released a Wii U 2 six years later and it was the same thing with no changes would it be "next gen"?

I see your point just want to hear what you have to say

Qrphe2223d ago

That sounds more like a revision (no PS2 or PS3 slim has ever been considered part of a new gen).

Then again, the Wii was more or less internally a GC with motion controls (same architecture, slight upgrades) and is still considered part of the 7th ge.

TongkatAli2223d ago

How bout one, it comes out in 2012.

DivineAssault 2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

If its a nx gen console, why is it being disputed by everyone? Shouldnt it be evident? The gamepad is nx gen.. all the other controllers are last.. the social network is semi nx gen but other online functionality is the same as wii.. It has some power but i dont see anything it can do that ps3 & vita cant technologically.. I will buy one but only for 1st party again after some btr ones are released

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