MGS the Movie: Who Plays Who?

With the recent announcement of a Metal Gear Solid movie in the works, the webs are a buzz with rumors and speculation as to who should take on the role of video game icon Solid Snake as well as the rest of the polarizing cast of characters surrounding the Shadow Moses Incident on which the film is said to be based. After much discussion, we at Suddenbrain have assembled a cast list of our own. Keep in mind that we aren’t quite delusional enough to think several of these choices are even feasible. We’re talking best case scenario here, so here’s to hoping that the movie is actually made and that they assemble a cast that even vaguely resembles the list we’ve made.

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deno2224d ago

tom cruise the scientologist plays snake. j/k

raWfodog2224d ago

Old snake should be played by Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken) :)

DarkTower8052224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I'd go with Liam Neesen for Old Snake.

deno2224d ago

Kurt Russell would be perfect. The character is based on his anyway.

NoFanboyRequired2224d ago

Josh holloway would be great to play snake. Almost looks just like him. Also, hes an action-packed badass!

Josh Holloway


Hatsune-Miku2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Scorpion from mortal kombat as snake, chun li as Meryl. President Obama as drebin. Char char charmander could follow snake around like rex in mgs4

Unbornkirkster192224d ago

Gary Oldman/- Yes
Ralph Fiennes- Yes
Terry Cruise- Its not suppose to be a comedy..
Brian Cox- Yes
Chris Cooper-Definitely

everyone else is a bit iffy imo

JellyJelly2224d ago

Jake "The Snake" Roberts as Snake. Make it happen!

SeraphimBlade2224d ago

I'll tell you who's playing what. I'm playing The Twin Snakes, Instead of seeing the movie of the game that is pretty much already a movie. Though I am pretty interested to see how it turns out.

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