Forza Horizon Showcase Race Gameplay Video

Daily Joypad recently went hands-on with Forza Horizon and produced a video featuring one of the game's many Showcase races...

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GamerSciz2318d ago

Ok, so here's what I gather from this video. Bear in mind this is the first gameplay video I have seen of Forza Horizon.

1. The damage model has either been toned down or is turned off. Other then the spoiler falling off the car shows no cosmetic damage whatsoever in comparison to other Forza games.
2. The race track that this takes place on looks impressive as far as environment goes but this is off screen so that's really saying something.
3. The car looks ok and the lighting looks improved but again being off screen it's hard to tell.
4. The race itself, being able to race against a plane, sounds neat on paper but I just don't think it works well in reality. A bit far fetched to say the least.

JellyJelly2318d ago

I thought it looked great, and like a lot of fun.

If you want it to be more realistic you can always pick up Forza 4. You almost sound as if you are deliberately trying to lower peoples expectations on this game.

Lvl_up_gamer2318d ago

Your comment seems to imply that this is the next Forza game.

This is only Forza by name, not game.

This is being developed by Playground Games NOT Turn 10. Members of Playground Games are from Bizzare creations. Well known for their PGR series and Blur IP.

This is an arcade game and NOT a sim.

This game is more like PGR/Burnout than Forza 1-4.

Completely different game from completely different developers.

Again only similarity is title alone.

FordGTGuy2317d ago

Actually you're wrong, they use the same graphical and physics engine. This game is not a arcade game it's referred to as a action racing game because of the games ability to be played as either a arcade or sim game at the same time by utilizing the built-in assist system.

Lvl_up_gamer2317d ago

@ FordGTGuy

The same graphical engine and physics system only tailors to the overall feel. You will not see full internal or external damage. No wear and tear on the tires etc.

It's designed to be an arcade racer using proper physics. Just because a game uses physics doesn't mean it's suddenly a sim. There are many other elements within the game that have to be considered.

This game, even though has "sim" like qualities that were used in Forza 4, is marketed more to an arcade/"action racing" IP.

It is NOT a Forza game like Forza's 1-4.

FordGTGuy2317d ago

The Official Word.

It is both Sim and Arcade that is why they have yet to call it either straight out they are calling it a action racer because of it's ability to be both.

It's not designed to be a arcade racer there is no interview(textual, verbal or Video) of them saying so.

It is a Forza game but it's not part of the Motorsport series of games. It's being co-developed by Turn 10 and playground games. You can play Horizon with the same sim settings as Forza Motorsport 4.

ChunkyLover532318d ago

Damn, this looks amazing! I'm glad they are spreading their wings with this style of racing game. October 23rd cant get here soon enough. I guess I'll have to spring for the Season Pass as well, Forza games always have a ton of content and the Pass is the best and cheapest way to get it all.

EliteDave932318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Too bad Gran Turismo wont go towards this direction :/

JBSleek2318d ago

Then it wouldn't be a racing simulation.

otherZinc2318d ago

GT is way overrated.

Cant wait for Oct.23rd. I'll play non stop for 2 weeks til Halo 4 releases. Then I'll play from time to time.

B_Rian892318d ago

Kaz has said previously he would like to include an open world in Gran Turismo but who knows if we'll ever see it

B_Rian892318d ago

the beginning of the race reminded me of Dirt 2

StreetsofRage2318d ago

The best just keeps on getting better.

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