X06: Game montage video

Microsoft, as always now, released a long video montage of most of the upcoming Xbox 360 games. I guess this will be the only way to get to see some Gears of War and Alan Wake action in direct feed for the moment...

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General5913d ago

Ignore him man, Its only jealousy.

uuuunvnv25913d ago

i reported your comment as offensive. how in the world can you say GOW looks poor. enjoy ridge racer when it comes out. until then go to a diffrent site

General5913d ago

Lol, Riiiiiidge rrraaacccerrrr :P

beans5913d ago

I can't wait to see more news on Crossfire! Typical shooter or not, this game visually has caught my attention off guard!

THAMMER15913d ago

It shows what we have to look forward to as 360 owners. and It gives gamers on the fence a window of what to expect. Its just to bad that the compatition can only sit back and watch. MS really brought it home.

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