X06: Game montage video

Microsoft, as always now, released a long video montage of most of the upcoming Xbox 360 games. I guess this will be the only way to get to see some Gears of War and Alan Wake action in direct feed for the moment...

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General6414d ago

Ignore him man, Its only jealousy.

uuuunvnv26414d ago

i reported your comment as offensive. how in the world can you say GOW looks poor. enjoy ridge racer when it comes out. until then go to a diffrent site

General6414d ago

Lol, Riiiiiidge rrraaacccerrrr :P

beans6414d ago

I can't wait to see more news on Crossfire! Typical shooter or not, this game visually has caught my attention off guard!

THAMMER16414d ago

It shows what we have to look forward to as 360 owners. and It gives gamers on the fence a window of what to expect. Its just to bad that the compatition can only sit back and watch. MS really brought it home.

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Gamer buys 4,000 copies of Alan Wake, none of them work

Alan Wake, from Max Payne and Control creator Remedy, is a horror classic, prompting one player to buy 4,000 copies that don’t even work.

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roadkillers4d ago

Kind of a goody story...

On a serious note, that is why I try activating gift cards asap. It's happened to me where the store didnt scan it right where the card was unusuable. Happened at Wally World.

gigoran84d ago

wait, that place is real? national lampoon wasn't kidding?

Tacoboto3d ago

I just bought two of the MonsterVerse Godzilla movies on 4K - both had digital copies expiring in 2023. Both were actually expired.

I'd be surprised but it's WB, of course they'd actually expire them

Knightofelemia4d ago

Usually most of those redemption card have an expiry date on them. If they expired all buyer did was buy recycled paper. And some of those codes are country locked to certain countries. I buy a card from the States I can't use it in Canada.

Chocoburger4d ago

Dumb and silly story. She wasted her money for no reason.

Is it really that hard to go to Steam or GOG. She spent $240, when its currently 70% off on GOG, and only costs $4.49.

Gee, I wonder, should I spend $240 on eBay, or $4.49 on GOG? 🙄

Rynxie4d ago

Most likely she wanted to resell a few or most of them. However, it was a too good to be true situation.

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Profchaos4d ago

So in short she paid $240.00 assuming usd for a bunch on unactivated game codes.

I still don't understand why I guess cause there's not a physical version and she wanted something for a collection or art project.

Rynxie4d ago

No, most likely to resell. However, she ended up getting screwed.

Asplundh4d ago

This is Alan Wake 1, it had physical copies.

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