Borderlands 2 Release is Marred By the Misogyny of Gearbox Software and Duke Nukem Forever

Abdul Siddiqui writes, "Tuesday should be a fairly happy day for me as a gamer because it marks the release of the hotly anticipated Borderlands 2. As a game that has been well received by critics, I should be giddy with joy that I may soon get to play it. However, the game is developed by Gearbox Software, makers of Duke Nukem Forever and, as a protest to what I perceive to be a misogynistic company making misogynistic products, I have boycotted all Gearbox Software games."

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CustardTrout3785d ago

Well he can rest assured, while the rest of us - even the women will be shooting stuff while he sits trying to write a book.

shodan743785d ago

I think it's safe to say that he's definitely going to miss out on one of the best games of the year.

Gazondaily3785d ago

I don't understand why this, so-called news, deserves an article.

He is boycotting Borderlands 2 for the way Duke Nukem Forever portrayed women. Fair enough. But this chap is just a regular blogger, what is so special about it?

"online writer and aspiring novelist Abdul Siddiqui"

Yeah, that doesn't mean anything these days as far as this medium is concerned. There are plethora of wannabe novelists.

It's not even as if Borderlands 2 is related to DNF. I think this is just a desperate cry for attention.

TrendyGamers3785d ago

Definitely one of the best.

Lord_Sloth3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Every time we see a pretty girl anymore it's sexist and they obviously hate all women even though they always make them pretty and with some deadly skills.

Can't really count Duke Nukem since that's just Duke.

jeseth3784d ago

So maybe we should just ban any kind of expressionism and free speech altogether? Any kind of art should be banned and boycotted as someone in this pathetically oversensitive world will surely be offended.

I'm sure all the chicks buying Borderlands and Borderlands love that the Siren is one of the best character classes there is ... not complaining that they can also look pretty good while doing it.

What a turd. If you don't like it, don't buy it ... but don't get on your ambiguous internet soap box and grand stand, we don't care!

On another note ..... Why can't I make her boobs bigger in the character customization menu???? I hate how this game discriminates against women with huge knockers!!! Its sooooo unfair!!! Hahahaha.

Game on people!

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wicko3785d ago

I bought an extra copy to make up for his one man boycott.

HammadTheBeast3785d ago

I'll PM you my address right now lol. Joking.

CalvinKlein3785d ago Show
ZombieKiller3784d ago

I won't even give this guy hits if he is basing one review of a game off of a completely different game.

That's butthurt fanboyism, not journalism

n to the b3784d ago

sorry for the disagree but it's not a review. and while I understand the concept of not wanting to give hits, how can we comment intelligently without reading the articles in question?

pixelsword3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Commenting intelligently,



ZombieKiller3781d ago

@ N to the B: why should I read an article when so many of them have misleading titles for hits?
I could care less about a random internet disagree. No sweat.
Judging one game based on what you saw in another is stupid. You should go back to your normal day job.

That title made me skip the article, read the comments, and say something. If you want the hits, write something worth it.

TacoTaru3784d ago

I thought it was a video game, not a social experiment. If the market doesn't like it then the market won't buy it. Too much political correctness going around. Boarderlands the first was the only FPS that I really loved. I'll vote by buying two copies, one for me and one for my son.

Hozi3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

I'm started to think the majority of male gamers are gay now....I mean wtf!!! Since when is it not cool to have sexy half naked chicks in videogames?!

Honestly! This guy and all other like him should go watch some movies and then complain about the REAL WOMEAN actors who are portraying women as a piece of ass and trophy rather than criticize a fictional videogame about it's fictional characters who portray women as badass sword weilding guns blazing sexy mofos!!!

Spenok3784d ago

Seriously. This guy is a retard (OP, not you).

If he knew anything about the industry he would know that it wasn't in fact made by Gearbox. They picked up the title that was more than 80% complete, polished up the piece of turd it was, and released it for the sake of releasing it. (They did buy the rights and all).

Flavor3784d ago

The roots of sexual self repression lie in fear.

RumbleFish3784d ago

Reading this article makes me want to play DNF once again. Had so much fun!

jeseth3784d ago

It was over the top and hilarious! Not a technically great game but funny as hel l !!!

Dare I say I was entertained by such filth! Oh ... sigh ... whoe is me!

Hahahah ... just kidding love every minute of it!

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Blacktric3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

He claims that Duke Nukem Forever portrayed women in a misogynistic way while forgetting the fact that the thing he is talking about is an art form, which of course means that everything should be a fair game. So yes... He is an idiot. Maybe he is trying to look good to his feminist girlfriend by spewing bullcrap and standing against something that doesn't even exist. Who knows...

achmetha3785d ago

Not to mention that every Duke Nukem game has dealt with women the same way. AFAIK Duke Nukem Forever was Gearbox Software's first Duke Nukem I think Abdul is out of touch with the gaming world.

ronin4life3784d ago

The portrayal of women in duke was meant to make fun OF misogyny and duke himself, or so it seemed from what I've heard.

I mean, it's a game were you can PLAY WITH HUMAN EXCREMENT. I don't think it was a serious game in any fashion.

MoveTheGlow3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

This feminist has low to no problem with Gearbox. DNF wasn't "their" game, it was a game by a melange of companies that needed to be scrapped together in some way. We needed to see what killed 3D Realms, what that guy who pre-ordered it years ago was waiting for. Bad or good.

Should they have treated the alien lair stage differently? Yes. At least with some option to skip it. If you haven't seen it, it's ridiculous and yes, the dialogue is disturbing. Check the Giant Bomb Quick Look. The rest of the material is harmless by comparison, my focus is only on that stage.

But... I don't boycott movie publishers for publishing weird, crazy, B-movie offensive material either; it's an artifact of the past, and something to be analyzed later. The Cinema Snob shouldn't be avoided because he reviewed I Spit on your Grave, for those same reasons. It's a work. Do with it what you will.

But there's an entirely different creative team for Borderlands 2, people who really cared about making an enjoyable game. While I might have my qualms about Pitchford for not doing something about that stage in DNF, it's not fair to pin those decisions on a majority of the Borderlands team.

Am I torn? Eh, slightly. But DNF is done. It's over with. If we see a much better Duke sequel later on, and it's fine, we'll know who really created that alien lair material, and that Gearbox listened to the outrage.

achmetha3785d ago

I had to look up the definition to figure out what misogynistic even meant. "misogynous: hating women in particular."

Abdul Siddiqui truly is an idiot.

Kratoscar20083784d ago

I learnt that word in Two and a half men, a shame the series hit rock bottom.

segmentnext3785d ago

Err........Yea.......the...... ....WTF?
I don't know what to say abt this article.

FCOLitsjustagame3785d ago

Sure seems like the Siren was the best\strongest character in the last game. No boobs hanging out either...lots of half naked guys running at me with axes though, guess thats it.

Varmint3784d ago

Siren was best until sniper got the ability to completely ignore shields, in my opinion.

Also, love your avatar!

NamelessTed3784d ago

Sure seems like you didn't even read the article. The thumbnail is a picture of the Siren for whatever reason, the article doesn't mention the Siren as a character at all. In fact, the article isn't even about Borderlands, but Duke Nukem.

Protip: read the article before making a stupid comment. It makes you look dumb.

FCOLitsjustagame3782d ago

User wants to protest Gearbox because of Misogyny in a game they made. Even though the first game in the series he is currently not "giddy" about had a strong female lead.

You would need to be a pro to give me a pro-tip.