Get a Free Golden Key for Borderlands 2 Using This Method

A helpful little tip for those of you who are picking up Borderlands 2 either at midnight in your respective time zones, or later today for those without midnight releases.

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admiralvic2225d ago

Seems like these will be easy to get.

Yi-Long2225d ago

... if the article would mention what exactly that 'golden key' means or does, for those of us who have never heard of it before...!?

pr0digyZA2225d ago

The Golden Key - "Unlock a rare item in the mysterious Sanctuary Loot Chest."

Yi-Long2225d ago

... I don't keep up to date with every new game that comes out, so I didn't know what all the fuss was about :)

yess2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

I just saw a 4 man stream where the game glitched and they got 250 keys each...0__o

Talk about a big bug, they are just spaming the cheast right now...
And when i was writing this, the key count just got up to 440 for one of the guys, that is freaking lame...or cool,well, i dont know, but it's crazy for sure..
Edit2:now 690 keys and counting..

Edit3:Every time they log out and back in they get more keys...

Check it out:

NeoTribe2225d ago

Key opens up a golden chest in the sanctuary, which holds a purple item (legendary item). The item power is based on the level inwhich you open it at. So its best to try and hold off opening it till your higher level. Its supposedly only for people who preordered the game. Gl hf guys!

Rupee2225d ago

white->green->blue->p urple->orange

orange items are legendary

jarachnas2222d ago

You Get Two Purple weapons.

leemo192225d ago

This is great to know, but doesn't the chest disappear though for good once you use your key on it?

xPhearR3dx2225d ago

Yup. You get to open one time. That's it. Not one time with each new save. One time for your whole profile. So you gotta make it count.

Motorola2224d ago

That is completely wrong ^

TheNocturnus2225d ago

I have 2 golden keys. Got one for pre-ordering and when I jumped on today I got another one for no apparent reason.

WildArmed2224d ago

Really? they gave 'em out for first day players?

TheNocturnus2224d ago

I guess. I entered my preorder codes, installed the game and then played it for 3 hours when I got home with it after midnight. I got up about 11am and turned it on a bit later and it said that I got another golden key.

GusBricker2224d ago

I did you one better. I signed up for it and when I continued my game afterwards it told me I had 3 gold keys. lol

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