Gaming Opinion: Wii U Release and Date

Rodolfo from writes:
Now that we know the important release info for the Wii U, here is my opinion on the different SKUs, digital distribution and the launch lineup in brief.

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eagle212316d ago

"Given Reggie Fil-aime’s recent comments that Wii U will support up to 3TB drives via USB...."

Damn! :P

TheFinalEpisode2316d ago

A 1TB harddrive costs about $100, they could've easily made a 100GB WiiU at least.

PopRocks3592316d ago

Then you'd be paying another $50 for the thing. And the hard drive would be proprietary and probably non-upgradeable.

mrbojingles2316d ago

Lol, why would someone click disagree on your comment eagle?

You only said "Damn!", expressing that you were impressed with the Wii U supporting a certain amount of storage via Hard Drives.

Who disagrees with a user simply liking something?

rnmartinez2315d ago

Yeah finally huh? My poor Wii was always bursting at the seams

zalanis2316d ago

lol on the 100 dollars for a 1tb external hard drive. were the heck you buying it from. stuff like that needs to be bought at actual pc stores/lap top depots, they got so many of so many diferent brands that they sell crazy cheap. avoid buying these at places like best buy. sure they have but way more expensive

DivineAssault 2316d ago

whos gonna use anywhere near 3 terabytes on it? unless u buy all games digitally & all eshop titles for the things lifespan.. & i still doubt itl be that much.. Its good that its possible tho

rnmartinez2315d ago

I think with the tablet controller digital is going to become very important. I imagine being in my house, while someone is watching TV, buying and downloading a game to the WiiU and then streaming it to the tablet.

DivineAssault 2315d ago

i see your vision but nintendo said no VC or Wii games playable on the tablet.. Even eshop titles wont require many blocks of storage.. I love the fact that its possible to have 3 effin terabytes on it but having 500GB on my ps3 with over 200GB still free, is a clear indication i wont ever use more than that on Wii U.. Especially since theres no need to install games..

I dont have kids so i dont need to share my tv with anyone.. Ill play on my big HD tv before playing on the tab.. Good for multiplayer but i aint letting nobody touch my $150+ gamepad..

rnmartinez2315d ago

Yeah I think the tab will get a lot of love from me, but I am worried about what my kids will do. Well, I guess November 18th isn't that far away, so I'll get to see how good it is.