Dishonored’s Julien Roby: ”First game you can play an assassin and don’t kill anybody”


"Julien: Well the reason that we went with an assassin; we were trying to come up with a type of gameplay to let the player play his own way.

I would say the archetype of the assassin has this kind of idea that I can just sneak around and not be detected at all or just kill everybody because he’s an assassin.

So it was kind of good for that and also, as you said, because the fact a player who does not want to kill anybody could still play the game and play around this constraint.

So it’s like the first game where you play an assassin and don’t actually kill anybody, haha."

gaminoz4293d ago

This game sounds so amazing: so amazing I'm almost afraid it won't live up to the huge ambition it has!!!

chriski3334293d ago

No!!!!! Everyone must pay!!! Kill'em all!!!!!!;)

BadCircuit4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

I love the vision of this game and that you can go through it potentially without killing anyone. That's a challenge for hardcore gamers: to go against the instincts trained in us in so many games to kill and instead find solutions that are different.

DeusExer4293d ago

I'm looking forward to this due to the fact it's a new IP.

The artistic style of blending the Steampunk and Victorian eras look interesting as well.

Replayability is a big thing for me. Knowing I can play through a game multiple times, each time giving a new experience, is a great point to market a game.

BadCircuit4293d ago

I really want this to succeed.

It has a bit of historic 'realism' with its environments and themes but also a bit of 'otherworld' that makes it able to do new things too.

I hope people give it a go instead of trotting like sheep to the next COD.

DeusExer4293d ago

"What? It has no AC-130? Rubbish."

supersonicjerry4293d ago

What is wrong with COD? I'm proudly getting both this and Black Ops 2. I don't see why everybody that gets cod is automatically a "sheep" I get COD to play it competitively and try to make money off of playing it and because I actually like some of the games not MW3 tho.

rbailey4293d ago

Game looks very promising. Can't Wait

Megaton4293d ago

Does Solid Snake count as an assassin? Because you could do MGS4 without killing anyone.

Allsystemgamer4293d ago

No he doesn't. He's a soldier.

cyclindk4293d ago

Which suggests... assassins cannot then be considered soldiers?

Hmmm... allow me to consult the Compendium of Answers to Absurd Arguments vol.7 for the solutio... ackkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!....


...Target Eliminated...


Ace_Pheonix4293d ago

You can play all of them without killing anyone. But yeah, not really an assassin. This game does look pretty great. Still won't amount to much compared to MGS.

Megaton4293d ago

That's what I thought, that all of them could be done strictly with tranqs. Couldn't remember for sure, though.

Baka-akaB4293d ago

it still makes the claim for dishonored rubbish ... unless of course even in cutscenes and boss fight you dont directly harm anyone

UnwanteDreamz4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

Yes he does. In MGS4 Snake works for no government. He takes a mission to assassinate Liquid Ocelot making him an assassin. Hell he even has Assassins Creed outfit you can earn.

cyclindk4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

I don't know, how do assassins count?!

Bada bing!

Ohhhh, that was preeeeety bad.

99 expendable, predictable security personnel on the prowl

99 expendable, predictable security personnel

Which tool to use, so many to choose, easy to confuse,

Take one down, without a sound,

98 expendable, predictable security personnel on the prowl.

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Lightning778d ago

Then gets shut down the next day. They should know better than to talk crazy like that.

XiNatsuDragnel8d ago

They'll get shut down that's how Microsoft work

gold_drake8d ago

watch it get shut down tomorrow haha

Skuletor7d ago

It was probably already decided yesterday


"And then Phil Spencer took it as challenge..."

Elda7d ago

They better worry because Avowed doesn't look all that.


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MIDGETonSTILTS17487d ago

It felt kinda cheap to me… both in terms as a tactic, and game design

Abnor_Mal487d ago (Edited 487d ago )

There was a small game called Aragami that “borrowed” the blink, that was a good game.

Unfortunately I heard the sequel wasn’t good so I stayed away from trying it out.