SOCOM HD Is Sony's Best Move writes: "SOCOM fans have been scouring the internet this past year looking for any signs of life regarding the future of the SOCOM franchise. All kinds of rumors have been floating around the past 6 months and there has been an assortment of emotions surrounding each one."

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ShadowGhost2310d ago

Since Zipper is now gone, it would be a perfect time for Sony to bring back the SOCOM franchise to its old roots again. By getting another developer that is willing to go back to the original gameplay of the SOCOM games that were glorified as being a tactical 3rd person shooter back in the PS2 days.

iamnsuperman2310d ago

I agree but I wouldn't want a carbon copy of Socom II.

adonis1832310d ago

Omg i hope they bring it back and do funny commercials like beforr.

Azmatik2310d ago

Just bring back Confrontation. Fix the slow loading and issues, that game was amazing IMO.

BattleAxe2310d ago

^^^ can live without them.

QUNE2310d ago

SOCOM 1 & 2 was the only Playstation game I have played over the past year.

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ExposingLames2310d ago

It would be great to play a SOCOM game again. Not a COD wannabe that says SOCOM on the box like SOCOM 4.

ChunkyLover532310d ago

I missed the old Zipper, Socom 2 was my Catcher In The Rye. I played that game nonstop. Was sad to see them go so far downhill after they were bought out.

CGI-Quality2310d ago

Are you suggesting them being acquired was the reason for their downfall?

OT: Contrary to many, I really enjoyed SOCOM 4. Curious to see where Sony takes this franchise.

Soldierone2310d ago

I'd say it'd have something to do with it. Then again Sony was always the publisher anyways so it didn't really matter.

I think the overall issue is Sony has forgotten how to advertise. PS1 and PS2 days I saw PlayStation this, PlayStation that, and they had some of the most funny (making them memorable) commercials. Then PS3 hit and I rarely see a commercial...

This killed Zipper because of MAG what? Whats that? Socom 4 is out? Really? Oh it sucks? Never mind then. they have so many games it just got spread thin, and Zipper was taken out. While if they were still their own company they would have went elsewhere like Insomniac.

violents2310d ago

I think your the only one man! I prob could have enjoyed socom 4 if i Hadn't played the original socom on ps2. That was the definitive fps back in the day and imo that game is still the closest to actual simulation in a warfare style of game.

Hellsvacancy2310d ago

It would be awesome to hav Socom HD, but why are we paying to play old games? theres loads now, soon the whole PS2 back catalog will be in HD

So no, it isnt "Sony's Best Move", Sonys BEST move would be to remake/reboot the series

LUKENBACHER2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

We have seen so many attempts at rebooting the series with major revamps. Although most of the fanbase wants a true sequel, we have our doubts if it could be developed properly without losing focus on what SOCOM really is. The "safest bet" is an HD remake rooted in the first two titles. We all know that was successful, and plenty of fans want to see it happen. Although we could possibly get some updated textures & graphics, the number one thing we would be paying for is security. Hackers have destroyed this franchise more than any decisions regarding development. Fresh new servers, and a fresh new start that brings SOCOM back to it's original glory is what this franchise needs. It would pave the way for all types of opportunities in the future like a true sequel on next-gen.

JBSleek2310d ago

But will going back to the original sell though? Sure it has a following yet will that generate to the sells needed to sustain this franchise.

This isn't PS2 days anymore (sadly) and I'm afraid the need or want for this would have diminished as well.

Zipper did what they thought needed to be done in order to sell and some call it selling out while others call it survival.

I hope this makes Socom continue but it still needs to innovate.

creatchee2310d ago

I think that the commercial success of Counterstrike: GO has proven that gamers are more than willing to revisit classic shooter gameplay. There STILL is nothing like SOCOM 1/2 out there.

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