Fable The Journey Will Silence Kinect Critics, 10 Minutes Of Gameplay

Fable The Journey is one of those games that is going to get a lot of hate, without anyone actually playing it or giving it a chance.

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Megaton3904d ago

Oh yeah, on-rails Fable, who could possibly criticize Kinect with such a masterful game on the market?

ChunkyLover533904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Actually, its not fully on rails, but you cant fully explore either. The demo was a blast and it impressed me, I know it doesn't do much for a person like yourself, but fun is fun.

Some of my all time favorite games were on rails, its only a bad word when Kinect does it though...

You are entitled to your opinion, but you haven'y played the demo, you probably don't own a Kinect. You tend to trash most Microsoft related articles. Fable 2 didn't have mixed reactions at all, it won a lot of GOTY awards and was looked upon with great favor. Fable 3 was rushed, but went on to sell over 5 million copies.

This isn't a Fable game in the original series, this is a stand alone title and the story and gameplay are both pretty cool. They've done a good job from what I've seen so far. The game is responsive and easy to play and has a lot more options then people thought a Kinect game could have.

I'm waiting to see Strongman, Hicken and the rest of the Sony bunch coming in here with their insecure selves and troll something even though they don't even have Xbox 360's or Kinect....typical N4S....New 4 Sony gamer's.

Megaton3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

It's a dated format best used at arcades with light guns, and even then it was never the greatest thing in the world. Just good for a quick distraction.

I actually really like the Fable series, including 2 and 3 which have caused very mixed reactions among gamers. I do not like this part of the Fable series. It looks like they just couldn't figure out any possible way to make a decent Fable game for Kinect, so they did the only thing they could do. Slap the name on yet another mediocre on-rails title and hope for the brand to push sales beyond similar disasters.

Edit - You don't have to revert to the state of a defensive, victimized child every time someone disagrees with you. It's always the same old song and dance. Everyone around you is a troll. The Kutaraginati is out to get you. The Sony World Order is closing in.

None of my friends who only own 360s like any of this stuff either.

DigitalRaptor3904d ago

It's not really insecurity if I say so myself. More of a humorous reaction. It does just look awful to me, and I don't know who an on-rails game like this is exciting, when it's a genre already explored and better done (as mentioned) with light guns.

I honestly will wait for more reactions to it, but this doesn't make me want to buy and use a Kinect-type device any more than the last Kinect game that was hyped up. Not saying it ain't fun, but fun can also be kinda retarded. Just sayin.

ChunkyLover533904d ago

Take a look at who is commenting in this article and what they are saying. Its well known trolls. Are you seriously trying to convince me (or yourself) that N4G isn't filled with ignorant and insecure PS3 fanboys that jump on every Kinect article?

If you want hits on an article on this site just make it about Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360, Rare Studios, Nintendo and anything negative about Sony.

Its a simple recipe, I knew exactly who'd show up in this thread and I wasn't disappointed in the least. The same insecure kids that always spout their insecure nonsense. For some reason, mods never make it around to moderating unless someone is bashing Sony.

90% of the comments in this, and that is only so far...should be moderated.

Outside_ofthe_Box3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

You know, I wonder how you get away with calling people trolls and fanboys simply because they don't agree with your opinion. I've gotten restrictions for simply having the word 'fanboy' in my comment without even directing the word at any single individual.

Anyway "on-rails" isn't really bad in itself. The way it is done in fable is dated though. Reminds me of The House of the Dead from back in the day. It may be fun, but nothing really special that will "silence kinect critics" in my opinion.

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Army_of_Darkness3904d ago

The big bad boss monster is to scared to come near and step on you, but rather throw stones at you to keep his distance. lol!

Biggest3904d ago

Maybe he is trying to make the football team? All I know is. . . Those zombies are SUPER polite. No pushing and shoving. One at a time or he can't kill us, fellas. Take turns, please!!!

Bigpappy3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

You are correct ChunkyLover53. Unfortunately, everything you expressed will go to the wind and caused you to be bubbled down.
These people are like 'right wing republicans in the U.S.A' or the radical Muslims who think they should be the only people to live on this earth and breathe the air. They will hate you because you are more open and flexible than they are. It is something about humans I struggle to rap my head around. Why can't people do what they want in their own lives, and you do what you want in yours without someone doing to extremes with the hate.

They know how it works here and it speaks loudly about who manages the site. Not that they don't ban every kinect hater, but that they actually bubble down people who express the uneven way the sight is ran.

Megaton3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

I disagree with him about this game, his victim mentality, and the assertion that this game will make the Kinect immune to criticism. I don't hate him, or you, or any one else at this site.

TheDarkness3904d ago

After fable 2 it all went down hill..

_LarZen_3904d ago

Lol, the demo sucked monkey balls.

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