Outerra: A Playable Earth - Developer Interview

An interview with the dev team making the game/engine Outerra. Have you ever heard of Outerra? For those of you not in the know, it’s basically a game engine that creates a nearly 1:1 scale of planet Earth you can explore. It’s still in development and the team is moving quick to implement new features such as a back story, game modes, better lighting and everything you can expect. While being geographically similar to Earth, it’s not pinpoint accurate. But it still gets the point across well enough.

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milohighclub2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I reckon they should carry on until they have created an open world solar system.
Would also be cool If as many studios could help this project in spare time etc.. each studio doing a different city until the whole world is created as accurately as possible and used in games like skyrim and fallout. I know it wouldn't happen but would be so beneficial to gaming

atticus142222d ago

Check this out

and also here are some youtube videos which may be more impressive :)

Someday maybe one of them will finally be released or the engine licensed.

ardivt2222d ago

It's an amazing project! It has so much petential, my head nearly explodes just thinking of it

3-4-52222d ago

Yea I love seeing stuff like this.

Imagine joining a group online that's sole mission is to build a city from the ground up

- Then you start interacting with other groups trying to build their city and both help eachother.

- Then another comes along and you finally have 3-4 cities. Now you can build your Dream home in said city/village/town and go from there.

I'm sure people can then fly planes and helicopters to other towns and cities along with driving, to trade supplies they have found in the wild.

- Have Fortresses and Walls and castles to defend the inevitable. The people who will play to destroy everything.

So much potential in gaming right now. All of these ideas from games like this and others will inspire the games we play on the Next gen.

Can't wait.