Fable: The Journey Demo Released

Fable: The Journey Demo has now been released on Xbox Live. I share my thoughts and expectations on this game.

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majorprobes2313d ago

They've ruined the entire franchise for me now, no going back either.

EVILDEAD3602313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Didnt ruin it for real fans of Fable and Lionhead like me, who realize that this is a Kinect side game in the Fable universe. Looking forward to playing it and definately look forward to the next true installment of Fable next gen.


toolbum2313d ago

So if you're a fan of Lionhead, then you'll be a fan of Black & White?

Don't you think that a B&W game for Kinnect would be fanstastic?

dragonyght2313d ago

Lol you really are a true fan to swallow the bs# with a straight face. Props to you m8 props to you

from the beach2313d ago

You say 'swallow the bs' but he's the one actually buying the game and playing it to determine how good it is.

Shadonic2313d ago

you sir are the first fable fan ive seen that realizes that this is only a side game and displayed his opinion without going ape#$%@ on the kinect. You sir are getting a bubble up.

Bigpappy2313d ago

Evil is on point as usual. There are some who see it as they duty to be negative though they don't even know why they are doing it.

Any way, I tried the demo and it is fun tossing those magic spells. They have done it in a way that adds depth to the gameplay. You can also block fire and evade while deciding which spell. There is no auto aim so you have to concentrate on how you aim the spells. All this is done while sitting, so they can make a good lengthy game and people in wheel chairs or bed ridden can play.

The down side for me is the on rails aspect of the game. I think MS should provide a thumb stick that you could strap to your finger, not as big as a navigator, just for moving around. You will still be able to use your hands freely.

This could be a must buy for Kinect owners, dependent on the price and length. It is a separate game from fable as we know it, but they use the name to help draw the fan's interest.

Good demo.

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Lvl_up_gamer2313d ago

So you were a fan of Fable 1, Fable 2, Fable 3 and Fable Hero's....but 1 Fable kinect game comes out and suddenly they "ruined" the franchise and there is "no going back either"?

You are either EXTREMELY narrow minded or are simply trolling.

I believe it's the latter.

mcstorm2313d ago

Well said. Look forward to giving it a go tonight when I get in.

Shadonic2313d ago

the demo was ok takes some getting used to with the aftertouch move because i keep forgetting i have to leave me arm out after launching my move to use that ability. The aiming without it wasent that bad and i like there idea of mixing moves when i launched an enemy into the air and shot him with a fireball. I could of seen the sword being implemented into the game with a simple slash motion after a unsheathin gesture. guns could have been added also IMO but if you think about the overall character design he dosent look like a guns or swords guy. The graphics were pretty good and they emphasized how to play more with there vid then steel bettallion did which will help out players more. sadly ive already seen a video saying the demo sucks but 99% of the time thats just the classic youtube kinect troll. I hope it does well.

ChunkyLover532313d ago

The demo sold me 100%. I knew this wasn't going to be a Fable game in the same sense that Halo Wars wasn't a Halo game. Its a stand alone title and has its own lure in the universe, I totally understand and appreciate that more then one thing can be going on in a town at around the same time period.

The demo was fun, I played it two or three times. I was surprised how accurate the aiming was, if you aim into the dirt, your shot goes into the dirt, if you aim too far to the left, your shot goes off to the left.

I'm also glad they decided to use Unreal Engine, the graphics were tight, no glitches and most importantly the demo was fun and worked properly.

I'm sure it'll get a ton of hate around here, you'll see the same trolls over and over again, those insecure types that aren't happy unless everyone else is as unhappy as they are.

I'll keep on playing whatever games I want, leave the idiocy to those its better suited for....and by the way, this game is a true day one.