PCZone Reviews Soldier of Fortune: Payback

PCZone writes:

"With iffy politics that you'd think would hover around the right wing but actually land on the marker labelled 'pure bloody ignorance' (for a reference point take the helpful slaves, one of whom is simply called 'Helpful Slave', who practically grovel as you free them and present you with keycards) what starts out as a relatively fun excursion in the most basic departments of the first-person shooter shortly becomes a mind-numbing abhorrence.

I honestly feel like I should donate money to charity having paid for such a nasty little swindle of a game. Ultimately, if you have the mentality of someone who sticks their nose beneath the duvet to smell particularly ripe farts then go right ahead: breathe it in. It's the stink of money made through terrifying mundanity, and it smells like... freedom."

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