Gametrailers A Generation in Review

Double Fine’s Time Schafer, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski and Gearbox Software’s Mikey Neumann join us on the Bonus Round to review the current generation of consoles and games.

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cashrell11714033d ago

This generation honestly seemed pretty sad... Microsoft releasing an unfinished console afraid of sonys dominance, jus to steal any momentum from sony...and in the process they only hurt consumers releasing hardware with a 53% failure rate -_-

Sony being so arrogant and smug about ps2 success they release a console at 600 with a weak line up of games thinking the playstation brand would carry them ..but in the end they came up behind microsoft in unit sales when they Shouldent have

Nintendo being as pathetic as they were with the gamecube , decided to.bring somthing new to the table..which was cool.an.innovative..even tho they lied to the elderly and soccor moms ..making them believe they could actually.loose weight using the wii -_-

I hope next gen ...is more like last gen...the ps2 was king..and ritefully so...it had a but load of games and it was cheap...their were no popularity contests...just games

ninjabake4033d ago

Well said. Although I do believe they (Xbox 360 & PS3) picked it up towards the tail end of this Gen, helped particularly with slimline models and numerous bundles, and it ultimately helped Sony close the gap some and Microsoft to expand. As far as Wii goes I like what it did for gaming, opening up new doors for more people to enjoy this hobby we all love but what I disliked about Wii was the online functions were pretty primitive and the obvious (lack of 3rd party support, Nintendo giving up on it somewhat after 2010).

My disappointments this Gen lie elsewhere however and that is with the abusing of DLC, short campaigns, lack of consistent focus on single player off-line experiences (yes there are several games that provide it but last gen, IMO, provided better SP games) and of course the lack of creativity by the more popular games.

I also would've liked to see more unique games get attention rather than the next also-ran shooter but that's just me. And my last disappointment was gamers themselves. With online gaming coming to the forefront we saw immaturity rear its ugly head in games and on forums and websites. What's sad is most of the nonsensical acts were those of grown men! Smh LOL

Here's hoping next Gen is more comparable to the 6th Gen rather than the 7th.

vortis4033d ago

PS2 era did own.

No game this gen offered as much content as GTA: SA.

vortis4033d ago

By the way, this was an awesome bonus round.

Good stuff.

And I'm glad devs realize that the hand-holding this gen was what ruined SOOOOooooo many games. The non-hand-holding is what made Mirror's Edge so fun, though.

wishingW3L4032d ago

IDK if it's because I'm high but I loved this bonus round. Developers really think the same stuff we normal gamers do but they still don't know the answer to so many things and that's why many games end up bad. I have read so many comments saying stuff like: why developers never realize that their game was bad before releasing it?

Well, the answer is: is not that easy.

black9114032d ago

My question is will next gen be better.

otherZinc4032d ago

Next gen will be better. Smart Glass & other things will continue our experience through next gen with upgrades.

This gen was fantastic. XBOX Live is incredible. The co-op games played on the 360 were fantastic. Playing co-op games with my kids & friends around the world is the best.

Mass Effect, Gears, Halo's, COD's, Forza, Project Gotham, Test Drive, Bioshock, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, Ghost Recon AWF: 1 & 2, Splinter Cell:Conviction, Skyrim.

I had a fantastic gaming generation & I started faithfully playing games in 1976 with Pong.

black9114032d ago

Now compare those games to all the amazing games we had last gen.


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