Digital Extremes working on The Darkness 3?

Digital Extremes, the studio behind The Darkness 2 and co-creaters of the Unreal series, are advertising for some new staff to work on a “super secret, hugely anticipated, and very prestigious AAA 1st person shooter”.

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NovusTerminus3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I hope so. I got The Darkness II a month late, but the game was just amazing. I don't like FPS games very often, but this one had allot more to it then most.

Digital Extremes is a good company, and the only reason I am considering the Star Trek game. The Darkness II and Dark Sector were both great games.

BitbyDeath3137d ago

Would be nice if more 3rd parties went Wii U exclusive so that Sony and MS can get themselves into gear and deliver new consoles too XD

NastyLeftHook03137d ago

the darkness 2 was a hit in my book, ill buy it soon.

Mikefizzled3136d ago

I still maintain The Darkness is one of the best games this gen. Did I miss out big time by not picking up The Darkness 2?

Double_O_Revan3136d ago

It was ok. But I do regret buying it right away and paying full price. It was short and not as interesting as the original. But all the new abilities and gunplay were solid.

Allsystemgamer3136d ago

My only issue with td2 is it was short. Everything else was superb.

ThatEnglishDude3136d ago

I completed it in under 5 hours. It was a fairly competent shooter though.