New Content for PlayStation This Week

"It has finally arrived! The long awaited release of Borderlands 2 happens this week on PlayStation 3, and developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games have also announced you will be able to pick up the new title beginning day one on PlayStation Network. Head back to the world of Pandora some time after the opening of The Vault in the original Borderlands, now with a whole new cast of playable characters, new skill trees, more guns and tons of other new features."

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LaurenKB1232320d ago

Good week, of course with Borderlands 2 coming out!

7SBuzzLightyear7S2320d ago

This reminds me, renew PSN Plus subscription while it is still on sale.

DA_SHREDDER2320d ago

So we get a discount if we are ps plus subscribers?! sweetness