Black Mesa Has Some Funny Easter Eggs

Black Mesa has just been released after a long time of development.
Its finally here and we decided to take it for a spin!
We noticed alot of funny easter eggs/moments durings our playthrough.
These are the easter eggs of the FIRST chapter.

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XxDarkGamerxX3190d ago

I just downloaded the game. And it some great shizzle.
Way better then the original half life was. (Which is a huge compliment)

DoomeDx3190d ago

It is. except for the random freezes and hick ups im getting

Peter323190d ago

I lol'd at the Microwave part

Tokyo_reject3190d ago

Is this for ALL the half life's out including 2???

Deputydon3190d ago

What? Black Mesa is simply a remake of Half-Life 1 using the Source engine, which is the engine that HL2 already uses.

If you want an updated HL2, look into downloading Fakefactory's Cinematic mod 11.

FragMnTagM3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I think what you are trying to say is: Will the MOD work with all Half Life's?

I believe you just need any game that runs the source engine.

kwyjibo3190d ago

In the main lobby, you can use the computer in the corner and then press the alarm under the desk for an achievement.

This is carried forward from the original Half-Life, and everybody who's played that already knows it.

The guy who made this video doesn't.

DoomeDx3189d ago

I made the video, and i played the shit out of Half Life 1. Never noticed it.

sorceror1713190d ago

They missed the bit about the TPS reports...