GamesRadar Preview : MLB 08 The Show

Back in the day, Sony's MLB series had some hardball competition from EA's Triple Play franchise. To stay ahead of 2K's MLB series, Sony has spent the last 3 years refining its long running slugger into latest effort, MLB 08 The Show. While Sony is sticking to its formula of great-playing baseball and further deepening its innovative Road to the Show mode, the preview build looks like it may have what it takes to get the call up to the Bigs.

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Iron Man 24323d ago

MLB 08 The Show on the PS3 is the baseball game of the year,it has many great features like custom soundtracks and such,I can't wait!;)

kornbeaner4323d ago

This is one of Sony's titles that gets overlooked on so many occasions.
07' was a great game, only problem is it was hampered with about 3 big bugs that would just take away any fun that was had up till that point.
But other then that it was far ahead of what 2k put out last year and will most likely be the homerun king for the 08' season.

Rice4323d ago

Have u seen the videos of this game, it looks so sexy and everything is so smooth.