Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Patch 1.21b Released

Blizzard Entertainment issued out the awaited patch 1.21b which allows players to play the game without the requirement of its CD loaded on the CD-Drive. Now play without CD.

This feature is useful for those whose CD is broken, scratched, or missing; or those who may need the CD-drive for other purposes while playing.

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VigorousApathy5978d ago

Hey it's true! Now if they would just put in support for widescreen we could all be happy.

va_bank5978d ago

Is anyone still playing this? I mean people who don't live in countries where the game was released just 3 days ago?

Cartesian3D5978d ago

where are u from ? ... dont say that comment on a Public place ever.. u may look STUPID ..

dude , many people play this game right now.. more than u can even imagine .. there are many tournoments around the world for this game with more than 30000$ prize.

to name a few :

u see ? may be u live in a hole :P jk

ELite_Ghost5978d ago

maybe once a month, i play some DOTA, best game on warcraft

sloth4urluv5978d ago

Agree, I play that from time to time with some friends online.
I dont understand why devs still use disc protection, its so freaking anoying. Alot of times if there is a game I want to play but I have to put the cd in each time I want to play it, I usually wont play it.

They should just have it like windows or norton antivirus where when you install the game it checks to make sure your cd key is unique then activates the games. If you dont have internet then dial in and do a phone activation...

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CAPS LOCK5978d ago

I still play this game lol...its because of my low funds and its still a good game...DOTA is cool! I also play hero wars

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The rise and fall of tower defense games

Squad writes "A decade ago they were a dominant force in gaming. There were always a plethora of tower defense games being offered, including classics like Plants vs. Zombies and Iron Brigade. Even some famous franchises – such as Final Fantasy – dipped their toes into the tower defense genre."

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traumadisaster1395d ago

You got it backwards, it's more popular now. Also you show zero statistics to back up your premise.

mandf1394d ago

Pixeljunk monsters was one of my most played games.


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william_cade1803d ago

I used to love Command and Conquer

Fist4achin1803d ago

Good memories. I think theres a Dune game in the works.


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All this depends on the point of view one takes, whether it's looking strictly at commercial success, critical acclaim, the number of high profile franchises, or taking any number of other perspectives. For the purposes of this article the peak is taken to be the years during which most of the high profile RTS series received their most successful and beloved entries. In that sense it can be argued that the beginning of this period was the release of the original StarCraft in 1998, but we're beginning just a little bit later, at the start of 1999, as multiple different series had now established themselves and were pushing the genre forward, each in their own unique way."

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