Best PC Strategy Games to Play in 2018 - Top Modern RTS & TBS Games

Do you love games that allow you to build an empire, raise an army and conquer teritory through strategy and tactical prowess. Then this list is for you.

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DerekTweed1627d ago

Europa Universalis is not turn based.

johannesda1627d ago

Yea, thanks for pointing that out, was a typo.

darksky1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

It's sad that half of the games were released a decade ago. Will we ever see another Starcraft or Warcraft RTS game?

johannesda1625d ago

Yea, good strategy games are rare and far between. Hopefully War4 tease at Blizzcon!

DeeJayQc1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Age of Empire 4 is coming, TW three Kingdoms also. Personaly, a new C&C Generals Would make me happy!!

BlaqMagiq11624d ago

There was a Generals 2 in production but EA effed that up then tried to revive the series with C&C mobile. Still hate EA for this.

MrVux0001624d ago

Starcraft II was relatively recent...however i doubt Warcraft IV will ever happen, with Blizzard being Blizzard and all...and them rather investing into World of Warcraft.

sinspirit1624d ago

SpellForce 3 is good, but managing your workers gets annoying. I miss the good old days of just throwing dozens of workers towards the mines, crystals, deposits, forests and building without a care. I was really hoping that a gameplay mod would come out for it to give it a Warcraft spin.

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