No online for MH3 Ultimate 3DS, Wii U version uses Nintendo servers, Tri server shutdown, lots more

Capcom has been answering a ton of questions about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on its online forum. Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/Senior Vice-President and Yuri L. Araujo, Associate Online/Community Specialist provided some insight into the Wii U and 3DS versions.

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PopRocks3593319d ago

Online for the Wii U version eh? Guess I know which version I'm getting.

DarkBlood3319d ago

same here except its mostly because i prefer big screen and bigger controllers, plus this will be my first game in the series

omarzy3319d ago

You should play some of the other ones. They are all pretty cheap since they have been out for a while. If you have a Wii or PSP, then you should go get one ASAP.

DarkBlood3319d ago

i have all my freind except the vita lol havent gotten around to getting it yet

arent they kind of like long games though?

rezzah3319d ago

It really is a love or hate game, so if it is your only attraction for buying a WiiU you should hold back for something more assured. This is only if you have never actually played the game.

And yes they are they are long games with basically no stories at all. the notes to enter missions are basically the story. Though the main attraction for this game is the sense of accomplishment and working with others (online).

DarkBlood3319d ago

no game influenced my decision to get the WiiU rezzah, got deluxe preordered and getting nsmbU and zombiU

so thats 3 games so far, not even sure if monster hunter ultimate is going to be a launch title?

then Aliens only because its coming out on my birthday lol

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linkenski3319d ago

Damn. I think i'll be getting both then! I feel like a nerd now.

TheDivine3319d ago

Holy shit i just heard this. Ive been waiting on the 3dsversion, i like tri but would adore it on the go. Great day for nintendo fans. Il get this and 4 for sure.

Magic_Spatula3319d ago

So, since there's no wifi functionality, I can't play along with my brother on his 3DS? That's a bummer.

omarzy3319d ago

You can do Local play, just not online co-op mode.

Qrphe3319d ago

Not that it matters much, MH isn't that popular in the West so finding a couple of players around willing to play would be somewhat difficult.

yewles13319d ago

Typical crapcom. Should've seen this coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.