Disgruntled Bayonetta Fan Wants You to Play the Sequel the ‘Right Way’ by ‘Boycotting’ It

GenGAME writes: "In case you thought the initial outrage against the announcement that Bayonetta 2 would be a Wii U exclusive was a fluke, a particularly mean-spirited gamer decided to set up a “boycott” campaign. How cute."

Wingsfan244034d ago

This whole thing is stupid. I'm glad Nintendo is causing some tremors. It means they're looking to be a competitor in the hardcore market this time around and I'm excited.

dark-hollow4034d ago

The question is, if bayonetta 2 was set to release on the next Xbox and or the ps4, would those "fans" have a problem too with shelling hundred of dollars to play the game on a new system?

Carl_Shocker4034d ago

But then you would have to because then we would be right into next gen, you wouldn't have a choice because all three consoles would be out on the market leaving the old three behind. It would then be an adapt or loose out situation but when they could of took their time and found another punlisher to release it on all three consoles, including the Wii U thats what I'm more p***ed off at...I mean fair enough if Bayonetta was on all three consoles including the Wii and it sold more on the Wii then the PS3/360 but that never happened.

live2play4034d ago

the problem here with them is not shelling out cash to buy a new system

the problem is shelling out cash to buy a NEW NINTENDO SYSTEM

they got it in their heads that:
1. nintendo stole bayonetta 2 from ps360

2. they bribed platnium games into keeping it exclusive

funny thing is that they hate nintendo because their recent consoles tend to not get ENOUGH mature rated content
but they also hate nintendo because its GETTING mature rated content

dark-hollow4034d ago

"But then you would have to because then we would be right into next gen, you wouldn't have a choice because all three consoles would be out on the market leaving the old three behind"

So let me get this straight, if bayo 2 released on next gen consoles, people "have" to buy them if they want to play the game, and they basically have no choice.

so doesn't the same thing apply here?
you want bayonetta 2, you "HAVE" to buy a Wii u.

PopRocks3594034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )


Who cares? Resident Evil was not really huge on Nintendo consoles until Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube. Sega's Sonic games were briefly exclusive to the Gamecube as well.

The point is no one would be complaining even if this was set to release on PS4 and 720 as oppose to PS3 and 360 which is not even a good argument. It's just hypocrisy.

hulk_bash19874034d ago

Nintendo is being smart alright, hearing the announcement about Bayonetta 2 being WiiU exclusive almost made me consider buying one, the keyword being almost though. As the only 2 games I really wanna play are Bayonetta 2 and ZombiU. I'll be holding off until some more games pique my interest.

Campy da Camper4033d ago

It's Bayonetta...Jesus people calm down.
OMG Nintendo has B2! Boycott! I'm a high school herp derper! I'm so cool! I only play on "x" system and all my frineds say this is BS! Get over it. It's a game. Grow up, get a job and support your habit. Douche bags.

sonic9894033d ago

must say that i wont buy a new system or set one as a goal until i see the two others and as usual i am buying only one system to save money and focus on it btw ps4 is having a slight advantage due to the ps3's awesomeness i must get my money worth out that system and that can be different for each person
but bayonetta 2 isnt something i would buy a system for i will need at least 6 games as big as bayonetta a year to be satisfied plus the system's technical performance and cool features are important too
so no multi systems release they lose but i dont think so since nintendo are paying them plus the first part was really terrible on the ps3 it was bad technical wise

pixelsword4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )


Never bought it; It didn't look that good to me. Was it that good that you have people crying about it?

I could see that for Gears or Halo, but not Bayonetta.

At any rate, if Nintendo thinks they can do great things for it, then let them and good luck: because if I'm not mistaken, it didn't do so hot on 360, which is why it went to PS3, which is why part 2 got canned in the first place; so if Nintendo can make it work, congrats in advance.

DeadlyFire4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Funny thing is this is Early WiiU exclusive. Just wait until they reveal others someday. haha.

I personally have never seen Nintendo reach out to publish any third party title for its system and I am happy that they are finally stepping in and grabbing attention. Bayonetta 2 is only one game, and they need to reach farther and wider to get the attention of other fans. I can see every multiplatform title scaled for the WiiU by fall 2013. What kind of exclusives could exist? There are still many independant titles on the PC and other platforms that could exist on the WiiU.

SilentNegotiator4033d ago

Except those are systems from the same company of which they are fans of. Don't dance around that.

You have to become a Nintendo fan to play Bayonetta 2. And "shockingly", after the Wii generation, people don't want to.

Ogygian4033d ago

You're completely missing the point. Most "fans" already have every intention of buying a next gen Xbox/PS4, so they'd be "shelling hundreds of dollars" anyway.
No serious gamer spends money on a Wii, and so if fans want to play it they have no choice but to buy hardware they'll probably use once and then put down. As nobody in their right mind would do such a thing (the boycott is just to tell Nintendo that they're not fools), fans are not going to be able to play the game, and hence are justifiably angry.
I'm not a fan myself, and only ever play on PC, but I can empathise with PS3/X360 players here.

Dee_914033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Okay let me get this straight.
Originally Bayonetta 2 was canceled.The fans were mad and rightfully so.Im guessing nintendo gave PG the funds and resources to get bayonetta 2 back up and running but at a cost of it being exclusive.I think the fans should be mad,unless they were planning on getting a wII U anyway.
I dont think the fans are mad because its on the WII but more so that its only on the WII.
Their anger is justified imo.
I can imagine if sega canceled Yakuza 5 and Nintendo did this I would be beyond pissed.I would miss out on yakuza 5.Because im not getting a wii for one game. Atleast at that price.
Its not Nintendo fault.Its just how things panned out.

chaos-lockheart4033d ago

they should at least make part 1 for the wiiu, and stop jumping around on consoles to make everyone buy a new console.

knowyourstuff4033d ago

People need to stop whining. Competition is a part of life, and Nintendo desperately needs an exclusive to compete with the 360 and PS3 with their enormous install bases.

Don't forget the Wii U is starting out with 0 units and will need software to push the hardware. If they were smart they would do a remake of Wii Sports and call it Wii Sports HD or something, casual gamers will eat that up in droves.

I'm glad they aren't pairing the game down for PS3 and 360, the game was in development hell and Nintendo rescued it. If the game sells well it will likely end up as an upgraded version on the next Playstation and whatever Msoft is cooking up. So stop whining you crybabies, your old console is a fossil by now and can't handle what the dev team is trying to accomplish, so buy the next Playstation or Xbox or quit your whining.

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live2play4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

its stupid alright

the main reason bayonetta 2 was cancelled in the first place WAS BECAUSE IT DIDNT GET ENOUGH SUPPORT

now they are trying to give it less sales

i can already forsee many upcoming reviews get very low user review scores too

Ck1x4034d ago

Because all Nintendo published content gets low review scores right? Keep trying though, you're close! Lol
I'm sure the same thing was said about Capcom when they completely ressurrected the RE franchise on the GC. No one was buying it anymore on PS2, so Capcom took it to a new audience and RE4 was born. Easily one of the greatest games to come from that generation and put newfound interest in an old franchise.

Nimblest-Assassin4033d ago


If you actually took the effort to read his comment... he said USERS would rate it low.. not critcs

EX: Mass Effect 3, Modern Warfare 3, Diablo 3

Look at the user scores on metacritc... thats what he is talking about

pixelsword4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

@ Live2Play:

I wouldn't worry about it because it's like the whole going back into time to stop something conundrum (seeing that the reason for going back into time will not exist, therefore erasing your reason for going back into time, which causes the problem to happen again):

How can they boycott a game on a console they won't buy? They can't without actually BUYING one or the other, which means that they lose.

SilentNegotiator4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I guess SEGA wants to be like EA; having a heart-attack every time a brand new IP doesn't sell a billion copies.

They probably would have sold a million per system (WiiU, Ps3, Xbox) if they had kept their heads.

Sticking it onto a system that is the successor to the ultra-casual Wii (destroyer of success of most "mature" games SEGA put on it) that will have a brand new tiny userbase....not going to improve on sales.

Knight_Crawler4033d ago

"the main reason bayonetta 2 was cancelled in the first place WAS BECAUSE IT DIDNT GET ENOUGH SUPPORT "

WRONG...do people on N4G do any research before they post a comment? By March 31, 2010, Bayonetta sold 1.35 million units worldwide which was one year after release which was not too shabby for a new IP - other games have sold worst and have received sequals.

The reason why Boyonetta 2 was almost cancelled is becuase SEGA is not a big studio anymore and they needed to see 4 Boyo sell 4 times what it did in one year.

Ninty on the other had can make a profit by just breaking even becuase they are also selling Nintendo Wii U units every time Bayo 2 sells.

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Flewid6384033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I would've been excited too if Nintendo was releasing a next-gen system. But since I already have a PS3, I'll pass...

xAlmostPro4033d ago

Indeed.. which will last 1-2 years until the nextbox/PS4 hit the market and make its games look terrible(factually speaking).

neogeo4033d ago


If there was a way for me to spam the bubble+ button I would. well said.

BusterFang4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Well said. I can agree with you PockyKing. Although, I was a bit disappointed to know I'd have to buy a new console just to play Bayonetta 2, but I'm not going to extremes that they are. That's just asinine. Personally, I'm not looking to pick up a Wii U (for now) unless later they start to have more games that are just must haves for me. By that time I'd get Bayonetta 2 at a lower price and maybe the console itself will have a deal that I like.

(Off Topic)
Now I don't know about the rest of you, but the moment they show a Pokemon game that's a large-scale RPG (maybe even open-world), online mode, allows us to make decisions to join different groups (Team Rocket, Magma, etc.) for side-missions or some system that lets us be our own gym leader (and even if we win, we could give them badges for all the challengers effort or by their performance) and all that...I'm buying one with no hesitation, but that's just me lol.

showtimefolks4033d ago

people do realize that if it wasn't for nintendo there wouldn't be bayonetta? sega canned it

its not the biggest exclusive but if you are planning on getting the wii-u like me than its a game you can play. Its not like Mass effect series missing a game on xbox360 or ps3. Its a good game known for combat so stop hating moving forward i wouldn't be surprised to see ms,nintendo and sony all fund some 3rd party titles if a publisher is having issues funding it

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LX-General-Kaos4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

It seems that the pitch forks and fire had to be brought out at some point. Just about every Megaton has resulted in angry fans of competing platforms to take it to the streets to form a rebellion. According to many of my online n4g citizens, Bayonetta has a low fanbase, with barely any units sold. So anything thrown together by emotionally hurt citizens likely wont sport very many freedom fighters for the cause.

On the other hand like I said in past articles. The Bayonetta fanbase on competing hardware might cut itself down. But this industry leading hack and slash adventure franchise will find a nice warm loving new home on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Given a second chance to impress a new fanbase that will accept this franchise with open arms. Time will carry on, and the emotional will learn to accept this revival for what it is. Just as the FF13, and Metal Gear Rising Kaos that took place before it.

Rated E for Everyone

legendoflex4034d ago

According to Sega, Bayonetta had 1.35m lifetime sales by the end of FY2011. I wouldn't say that's "barely any units sold," but you're right in saying that the fanbase is hardly large enough for the negative minority to mean anything.

LX-General-Kaos4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I am not personally saying that is a low number. This is just what I am told by all of the citizens on this ever so friendly site saying that Bayonetta 2 wont make a difference for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. 1.35 million is a fine number of units sold in my honest opinion. Especially in a market dominated by a specific genre. I hope it reaches those numbers again under the Nintendo umbrella.

Judging by the amount of complaining, and emotional torment I have seen recently. You would think that Bayonetta had a COD like install base of people ready to fight the system.

Rated E For Everyone

rainslacker4033d ago

I think on top of that being a launch title for the system will help spur it's sales. It could find a nice home with Nintendo.

Quite honestly I haven't seen articles calling for a Boyonetta sequel for any system, so to come out now all pissed off about being exclusive is pretty silly. The game on the ps360 had a lukewarm reception at best, and it was one of those games that quickly left most gamers minds.

If it were something like Heavenly Sword which seems to have a rather vocal sequel calling, then maybe I could see why people would be upset. But if this were the case, and Nintendo were the only company to want to publish said game, is it really Nintendos or the developers fault for going where the investment is.