GotGame - Darksiders 2 Not A Wii-U Launch Title

Earlier this week we told you that Darksiders II would be a Wii-U launch title. THQ had sent us a press release saying that the title would be available for the console’s launch.

Well I went into GameStop today to pre-order the Wii-U console... (continued in article)

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Ck1x2226d ago

That wasn't what I was told when I went into my local GameStop. The manager there said that it is expected to be a launch title but they haven't received a SKU for it just yet...

frozengame2226d ago

I don't even think that it's on their (GameStop's) list of launch titles online.

frozengame2226d ago

Interesting, even I went into GameStop and they didn't have Darksiders 2 on their pre-order list. :(