DualShockers | Review: Mass Effect 3 [Leviathan]

David Rodriguez writes, "Much like the rest of the Mass Effect franchise, Leviathan seems to be derived from numerous established science-fiction franchises. There are characters, events, and cutscenes reminiscent of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and The X-Files. Additionally, there are science-fiction-horroresque segments reminiscent of Alien, and the climactic chapter of the DLC has a lot in common with The Abyss.

Despite the very appreciated and tasteful references to film, the content is a mixed bag. Leviathan’s strengths lie in the presentation and the soundtrack that compliments each cutscene and action sequence. The score, produced by Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan (both of whom collaborated on the score for Mass Effect 2’s Stolen Memory DLC), at times surpassed some of the best sequences used in both Mass Effect 3 and its predecessor."

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