Hands On: FIFA 13 [Capsule Computers]

Joshua Spudic of Capsule Computers attended a preview event for the highly anticipated football game FIFA 13. This is what he had to say:

"On Thursday afternoon, I was invited to a preview event for EA Sports’ next FIFA title, FIFA 13. FIFA 13 was boasting changes to their mechanics as well as Career Mode, which brought international duty for both player and manager for the first time in the FIFA series. As anticipation and expectations were high (as well as the view into the Sydney Football Stadium), is FIFA 13 going to impress the faithful? Well, I believe it will."

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REDGUM2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Um, each to their own but this game (I've only played the demo) does not even come close to what PES 13 is offering. Again, a personal choice. In my 1st play of FIFA, after all the loading screens, I scored 6 goals to 3 in 1 game. That's not realistic, I'm not a good player to be honest, but it seems that FIFA is all about kicking goals that strategy. Much like MW3 'V' BATTLEFIED 3. I much prefer to play a game where you kick a goal in the last 5 mins of a game to clinch it, than kick 3 each in the 1st half and see how many you can get in the 2nd.
Sorry guys, I much prefer realisim (strategy), over pace, in a game. No soccer game has made me jump out of my seat after kicking a structured goal quite like PES.
That's just my opinion anyway.