Hacked Vita Runs Pirated PSP Games

The PS Vita was recently found running pirated PSP games, according to a leaked YouTube video. confirmed the video as being legit.

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prototypeknuckles3919d ago

im actualy excited for this not for pirating but because sony wants me pay for all of the psp games i already bought all over again because they wont release the transfer device her in the US.

-Mika-3919d ago

Ya im kinda happy about this but then again im not. I never owned a psp so playing Kingdom hearts,final fantasy crisis core and more psp games that aren't on the psn store is a huge plus for me. Then again this might be used to try to get free vita roms and I don't really approve of that.

guitarded773919d ago

While I am not a supporter of pirating, I can certainly respect not wanting to pay for something twice. Here's a crazy idea that will never happen. What if you could mail your physical copy to Sony in exchange for a product voucher code. I know, it's a lame ass idea, but was just thinking about it.

dredgewalker3919d ago

Or maybe Sony should find a way to authenticate that you have a legitimate copy of a psp game so they can give you a free download of that game. Maybe they can make a program that you can install in your psp so you can insert your game and have it authenticated and sent via wifi.

decrypt3919d ago

"Or maybe Sony should find a way to authenticate that you have a legitimate copy of a psp game so they can give you a free download of that game. "

Lol why would Sony do that, they know Console gamers are gluttons for punishment haha.

ronin4life3919d ago

They did do that.
For Japan only. And only with games that were on the store for purchase. And you had to pay a small fee.

ABizzel13918d ago

My guess is PS+ for Vita will remedy a lot of this. PS+ will probably give 10% - 20% discounts on the current library of Vita games, and offer plenty of free PS Mini's, PS1 classics, and PSP games. As well as 50% off discounts for some of the top selling games on those consoles / PSN.

So that should help ease the pain, but thankfully I bought a PSP Go and so a lot of my PSP games were downloads.

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MaxXAttaxX3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

If you want to play those PSP UMDs so bad why don't you play them on your PSP?

Sony isn't forced to do anything. Just like Nintendo can get rid of GBA compatibility on new DSs and GameCube compatibility on new Wiis. They're giving the option to download PSP games to those who may not have played them before or those who got rid of theirs. Not Sony's fault.

Did you complain when they made you pay for all the movies you already own on VHS to watch on DVD?

prototypeknuckles3918d ago

well here's the thing they deliberately release a transfer device in japan but for people in america and Europe they pretty much said fuck you, look i love Sony i think they are the best out of the big 3 but i call them out on bullshit, its gamers like you that are whats wrong with this industry today you think that the developer is always right and that even one little complaint is bitching do us all a favor and stop sucking sonys cock.

Pillsbury13919d ago

I just ordered my ps vita from eBay even though there are no games that I would immediately want for it yet. Sony just needs to be fair and let all the back catalog of games we already own be able to be on vita... So much potential unfortunately Sony is lagging... Sony4life.

Hicken3919d ago

How is that being fair? How can you prove you own all those games and didn't just borrow them from someone else? You gonna mail Sony copies of receipts and bank statements showing when you bought Crisis Core?

And how about you look at the publishers sometimes, too? Breath of Fire III isn't on there, because it wouldn't pass QA as-is: some nudity(although nothing really to speak of) and other things prevent it from being released digitally. Sucks cuz it's one of my favorite games ever. But I'm not blaming Sony or even Capcom; shit happens.

Seriously, people get lazy/cheap and then go off and blame whoever for whatever.

And why the hell are you buying a system if there are no games you want? What wrong with you? What's wrong with gamers this gen? Next thing you know, you'll be complaining about how disappointed you are that none of the games on the Vita are worth buying.

It's like trying to teach math in a nuthouse...

BrutallyBlunt3919d ago

You can prove it with your Sony online account. Welcome to the future where consumers can actually take their purchases from one device to another. Can you imagine if you bought a new IPod and weren't able to transfer your old ITunes music you bought?

You make me laugh Hicken, on one hand you go on about how this generation was awful because of DLC and other shady tactics but here you are still defending anything related to Sony.

Pillsbury13918d ago

So let me get this straight, you would rather repurchase games you already own then be able to transfer them to the new system? because there is a way. Why would I buy a system if there are no games I want? Because Im a sony faithful and I KNOW there will be amazing exclusives down the road like with all previous playstations.

smashcrashbash3919d ago

Well Sony will just release a patch and block it just like they always do.Why go through all the stress of constantly being blocked all the time and having to wait for hackers to fix it and just keep going back and forth. Just pay for the PSP games or don't. How fast Sony is doing or isn't is irrelevant.Nothing they do give you the right to pirate games on the VITA. I never understand the contradiction of the right to do something that is wrong.

tubers3919d ago

Because what's "wrong" for some aren't for others.

Simple as that.

I don't think PSP ISOs would hurt the VITA.. far from it actually.. (since not PSP games you may own are on PSN).

but if they suddenly announce a VITA ISO hack.. that's a completely different story.

SAE3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Since i can't use my own account / i don't have online games / no remote feature then i wouldn't see the difference if i hacked it , block means nothing to me , i already can't communicate or play with my friends ...

199935683919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

Here's what i play my PSP games on.
If you don't want to buy your PSP games again, use this...

taquito3919d ago

i play my psp games on this;

and my ps2 games
and gamecube
and wii
and ds
and ps1
and nes, snew, genisis ect...ect....

SandWitch3919d ago

How do you play your PSP games on PC if there's no proper emulator on it? JPCSP can run a few PSP games, but that's it.

BoNeSaW233919d ago

NO you don't.
Not with sound and locked framerates on some of those systems you mentioned.

Qrphe3919d ago

Well, I guess this would be the only way of getting Birth by Sleep and Crisis Core on the Vita atm.