Sony Falsely Advertises Cross-Game Chat For PS Plus Members

Gaming Blend "The standard of baseline shamelessness and poor marketing decisions will always be Capcom. They set a new low with advertising features for Street Fighter X Tekken that weren't there, and unfortunately that's not going away anytime soon. Sadly, Sony tried pulling a Capcom with PlayStation Plus members by advertising cross game chat in a new promotion for PS Plus, even though the PS3 can't utilize cross-game chat due to RAM limitations."

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PirateThom2318d ago

William Usher seems to be a bit of an ass. Really aggressive writing style.

iamnsuperman2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

The fact is the guy had to buy the card in the first place means it isn't false advertising as you have to buy the product to see this information. Oversight by SCEE not false advertising. Big difference here I would expect people to actually realise

Army_of_Darkness2318d ago

Someone is trying real hard to find something negative about sonys ps3.... Dude, it's the end of the life cycle, fu*$king relax.

Outside_ofthe_Box2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Interesting that this is mistakenly listed as a PS+ feature. Could this mean that for the PS4, cross game chat could be a PS+ only feature?

Dee_912318d ago


If I was this blogger I probably wouldve went a different route and said "Cross game chat possibly coming to ps3" which probably wouldve generated just as much heat if not more.
But seeing that this .. blogger considered this an advertisement im not too shocked that he didnt come to that conclusion.Instead stupid knows negative news is hot news.
Other than that im looking forward to what PR is going to say about this?

Wintersun6162318d ago


Most probably not because that feature is free on Vita.

MrBeatdown2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )


Cross-game chat was mentioned once before like this, before PS+ went on sale. It popped up somewhere listed as a feature, and Sony took it down and said it wasn't happening. My guess is that cross-game chat was the plan at one time but it was ditched for whatever reason, and that this text is just an early version of the PS+ description that someone cut and pasted without going over.

SilentNegotiator2318d ago

CinemaBlend trolling against the PS3? I'm not shocked one bit.

antbolton892317d ago

It might mean the vita's cross game chat, ps plus is coming to the vita soon

AAACE52317d ago

Doesnt matter much... Sony has been lying for years! We dont care as long as the good games keep coming!

JBernardo2317d ago

Actually, you're wrong. You don't need to buy a PSN card to see that. If you get into the store and go to PSN+ subscriptions, that little text is there as well. Even before I subscribe to PSN+. So yeah, it is false advertising. Does it bother me? No, since I know for a fact that PS3 won't have Cross Game Chat. But what about those who came from Xbox Live and saw that? Won't they probably subscribe to PSN+? That's the problem...

decrypt2317d ago

Sony falsely advertises a lot of things, this is nothing new and certainly not news lol.

DragonKnight2317d ago

You wanna know how this article's author is full of it? I'm literally looking at the description for PS+ right now and there is NO mention of cross game chat. Granted, I live in Canada so SCEA takes care of things on my end, but if SCEA and SCEJ don't mention it, wouldn't that tell you something? Well, it would tell someone smart that this was a simple mistake and not false advertising, but everyone knows that hating on Sony is the cool thing to do.

inveni02317d ago

Isn't PS+ coming to Vita? Doesn't Vita have X-Game Chat?

TotalHitman2317d ago


No, not really. The PS Vita has cross game chat. I don't see why this would be any different with the inevitable PS4.

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kikizoo2318d ago


retards :
" PS3 can't utilize cross-game chat due to RAM limitations"

lol, complete non sens..

nukeitall2318d ago

Complete nonsense?


This is well known and admitted by Sony executives.

Irishguy952318d ago

Haha, this is fact, Sony came out and told us why. It was the Ram. Fair ****s to them for admitting it. Did you forget that already?

sjaakiejj2317d ago

Nukeitall and Irishguy, you're both wrong.

It's not RAM limitations that prevents cross game chat from happening. It's the fact that the PS3 is late into its cycle, and games that released use the full RAM on PS3 (e.g. they weren't built to accommodate the extra memory Cross Game Chat would take).



Which means exactly the same.

If the whole discussion is about adding cross game chat (a feature that's used while playing a game as the name imply) obviously we're considering how much RAM is left free while playing to run the feature. There's none. Hence the RAM is the limitation.

Change your name to Captain Obvious.

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showtimefolks2318d ago

Been though this it's not possible on ps3 and it will launch with ps4 still for free while people will be aging for it on xbox720

Move on this issue has been posted again and again and mistakes like these shouldn't be happening

Gothdom2318d ago

There IS cross-chat, but in text-form

geddesmond2317d ago

Photoshopped. No store top button in the top left, no Search button, no redeem code button, no view download button, and no view cart button in the top right

makemyteapunk2317d ago

So typical of Sony. No wonder they have lost so many fans to the 360.

Sony really needs to change its business practices if they want to change their fortunes around.

dafegamer2317d ago

"No wonder they lost so many fans to the 360"
WTF? Dont you mean that 360 Fans are coming to ps3 due to lack of 360 exclusives.

makemyteapunk2317d ago


Xbox fans going over to PS? What? The 360 was the best selling console in 2011 and so far in 2012. Sony used to have a majority share of the market, now they have the smallest. Does that sound like keeping fans to you?

Yeah and the 3 biggest exclusives releasing the the near future are coming out on 360 (halo, gears and forza) so where is this "lack of". Just because you Sony fanatics keep claiming there are no 360 games, doesn't make it so.

Pillsbury12317d ago

halo, gears and forza those are the ONLY three exclusives you keep repeating over and over... where are the other great exclusives like the last of us and beyond? go pay micro$oft 50$ a year for nothing and I will keep playing my free service and great exclusives

Edward752317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


Keep playing your free service and great exclusives, from a company that is dying. Sony will need to charge nex gen, hands down. If not then I think that the next Sony system could be the last.

Edit... CHANGE not charge

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Axecution2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

This is a justifiable reason to sue. I think you guys are really underestimating the effect this can have on an uneducated consumer.

"Little Billy said that he wants an X-Box cause it has cross game chat, but this Playstation Plus thing gives him cross game chat on the PS3! *Buys a PS3*"


Even though the chances of that happening are pretty slim, i could easily go buy a PS3 right now and sue based off of that logic.

They need to fix this ASAP

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MDC312318d ago

ps3 has less ram than my 2001 pc how terrible

Cupid_Viper_32318d ago

You're using a 2001 PC in 2012, how terrible.

NastyLeftHook02317d ago

owned into the ground! you got smashed.

makemyteapunk2317d ago

Who says he uses it? It could just be laying around.


Stop acting like such a child.

ugaydawg2318d ago

Runs better than your PC though.

jimbobwahey2318d ago

Hahahaha. Be careful, PC gamers are a touchy lot. $600 graphics cards for games that are grossly inferior to their console counterparts leads to a lot of bitterness.

ExCest2318d ago

@^ Woah woah woah. Grossly inferior? An $80 dollar gpu grossly outperforms current gen consoles. Shut it with your bigot talk.

Axecution2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Is it just me, or is the agree/disagree system so flawed it's ridiculous?

ExCest has 10 disagrees but nobody comments why they disagree.

ugaydawg has 59 agrees and 11 disagrees, but what he said was factually wrong (console games run better than PC games? Maybe Dark Souls) and had nothing backing it up.

...This site is just runnnnnnnnnn by fanboys. Like worse than ever. Haha k maybe not but still

TheFinalEpisode2318d ago

Try running BF3 on Ps3 settings on that PC

aquamala2317d ago

Bf3 on ps3 settings? Is there one below "low" and limit to only 24 players?

360ICE2318d ago

Well, duh. Have you seen 2001: A Space Odyssey? PCs back then were supersmart, but also kind of evil. You should probably "ram" your PC into the garbage along with your Friends season 7 boxed VHS set, before that PC does something evil like plotting 9/11 or something.

So yeah, there are more 2001 references where that came from.

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GribbleGrunger2318d ago

Look how people dig in the filth to find anything negative about Sony. This guy belongs at a trough, not at a keyboard.

ugaydawg2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Then looks at people who trash every Xbox 360 news on N4G because PS3 is Jesus no matter what they do.

And the 12 GB PS3 announcement following the new Xbox 360 bundle announcement showed pretty much how the N4G community is, totally proved it.

GribbleGrunger2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

You know, the fact that Sony fans get weeks and weeks and weeks of negative news with 360 fanboys pouring into the threads, gloating at every word, and then 360 owners get good news and complain that Sony fans take some revenge, demonstrates quite markedly that you can give it but you can't take it. I lose more and more respect for 360 owners every day on this forum, but I can't say the same about Nintendo fans or Sony fans, although they do have their fanboy moments too.

It's pathetic and I loath having to rub shoulders with them. Anything negative and they come flocking in like sheep bleating the same tedious, hackneyed platitudes.

edit: A link to that thread would be handy my friend. How about you do that and we can see exactly what I wrote which warranted that comment... :)

You are a child, son.

ugaydawg2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Heres a comment I took from the Xbox 360 bundle thread where you still didnt answer:

"ahha gribble, you just perceive anything that isnt praising sony as "anti-sony."

Thats the thing, you are such fanboys you cant even accept legitimate criticism or real facts without calling it "anti-sony."

I bet you think an article about the vita doing badly is "anti-sony" right? Too bad its true and the thing is flopping while they sit by and watch. I have one so I know it hasnt been supported half as much as they need too. "

And this is exactly what I feel from this website.

GribbleGrunger2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

you mean this comment? Which was a response to even more 360 fanboy nonsense:

'Could you perhaps explain to me, if it's the home of Sony fanboys, why the majority of news on here is anti Sony? Are you suggesting that those Sony fanboys are responsible for all that negativity? Or are you a little tightly strung?

The proof is here to see quite clearly. Even in a thread about the 360 people like you still can't help but rag on Sony and their fans.'

This was a response to a 360 fanboys that suggested this forum is over run by Sony fanboys and I pointed out the above. I didn't feel the need to respond in the same way I don't feel the need to swat away a fly at a picnic

guitarded772318d ago

Aww... man... you're both out of bubbles and I wanted to see more back and forth. I'm not a fan of the bubble system. It leaves me unsatisfied.

CalvinKlein2318d ago

haha that comment udawg quoted was me. Funny

Here is the article

haha funny you say your comment "Which was a response to even more 360 fanboy nonsense" when the whole little battle between you and the guy above my comment started when a PS3 fanboy came into the 360 news with a moron comment.

fact is sony fanboys on this site take even real criticisms and truths as "anti sony" and cry about it constantly.

you just did it in this comment even. this is what I hear from your comemnt: "Boo hoo the four 360 fanboys that are as big a fanboys as me and the 100 other raging ps3 fanboys on this site are hurting my feelings. I hate them and they are big meanies. You are a poop head jerk face waaaa waaaaa."

I have all PS and xboxs, but I wonder why you went onto a 360 article at all if yuo hate 360 owners so much. I also noticed you commented under another raging ps3 comment(in a 360 article) and tried to come off as the victims in an anti sony conspiracy.

Neo-Axl2318d ago

Nice name, Very charming.

I think the new PS3 bundle is a bit stupid.. to an extent, 12GB? Hope MGS4 is the only game they plan on buying.. If it's cheap however, I suppose it'll be lovely for those who don't have as much money or want a new PS3 to update the Hard drive or whatever..

The thing is N4G has many, many PS3 users. That's a fact.. I'm one of them, but I also seem to find a majority of the PS3 fans are much more.. mature? Not trying to be a douche, But your name alone throws away any respect anybody would give to you on here buddy.

New account, New name, Same attitude, Same guy.
Then we'll have a proper adult conversation :)

Azmatik2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Lmao i had a xbox fan kid on facebook today post this, ps3 kids are just broke ass boys who cant afford live gold membership or whatever! Lmfao!!!! I didnt even bother to reply a post. Thats how pathetic xbox kids are.

insomnium22317d ago

@ calvinclein

fact is sony fanboys on this site take even real criticisms and truths as "anti sony" and cry about it constantly. "


Things like these really take the fire away from your comment.

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PersonMan2318d ago

Says the guy with the Anonymous mask for his avatar.

Azmatik2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Lmao i gues thats anonymous mask now eh they own it and they didnt rip it off a movie call V for Vendetta right ahahhha. wow just like were talking about xbox kids probly not even old enough to know what that movie is.

Reverent2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

The Guy Fawkes masks do not belong to Anonymous... Lol.

Time Warner owns the rights to its image. They even get paid a little bit for each mask that's sold.

PersonMan2316d ago

I suspected only 1 reason why a guy on a gaming site is using that image for his avatar.

I know it's from a movie, I'm not dumb, but it was used a lot for the Anonymous crap when hacking PSN was cool.

Reverent2316d ago

I can understand that thought, but in his avatar, the person also has long straight hair and a hat much in the fashion that the actual Guy Fawkes would use. I think this indicates that Gribble is probably either a fan of his, or simply likes the look. Anonymous is more settled with a combination of a suit, and the mask by itself.

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BrutallyBlunt2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )


Now ask yourself, would he have said the same thing in a Playstation Move article? Very doubtful.

If this is false advertising then comment on it. Instead people like GribbleGrunger look like Sony fanboys because they can never actually discuss the topic at hand. Instead they deflect because for some odd reason they don't think negativity is part of improving things.

Sony put themselves into this situation long ago with Cross-game chat. The media and fans asked years ago and never got an answer. Then they hinted it would be a feature in PSN+ that never came. It wasn;t until Vita came out that they announced they can't do it on the PS3. Mainly because they wanted to advertise the feature on Vita but the only way they could is to explain it wasn't coming to the PS3.

I own a PS3, i know what it does well and what it struggles with, so why are so many people bothered so much about anything negative? Stop using lotion on your skin. If you had thick skin these topics wouldn't be a problem.

Jazz41082317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

If sony fans dont run this site then I guess its the xbox people that are giving xbox supporters all those disagrees. Its not even worth arguing and its obvious the ps fans outnumber the xbox fans on n4g by alot. The negative media articles on here are because there has not been alot of positives to say about sony latley. This site is full of sony news good or bad and mostly its good and the few bad ones that come through rile up the base like a republican convention.

BrutallyBlunt2317d ago


There is over double the amount of activity on the PS3 forums than the other 4 main game forums COMBINED. So yes, as far as the members it seems to favor more PS3 owners.

As for the negative media it's all around. I've seen article after article that's negative towards the Wii U. It's a common theme in journalism because they know negative topics get more hits.

GezForce2318d ago

bubble to you... for most intelligent comment :)

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2318d ago

hmm.. I like Banana Bread... Better than regular bread that's for sure. Bubs+ :D

You better bubble me too though monkey >:( Don't screw me over on this. lol >_<

Azmatik2318d ago

I love banana bread especially with icing :D

Reverent2318d ago

I freaking love you Monkey.

Dms20122317d ago

Great, now I have to drive to Publix.

ArmrdChaos2317d ago

Plain....or full of nuts like this site?

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urwifeminder2318d ago

Some can dish it out but crumble and cry as well, say what you like about my fav plastic it wont be a conspiracy.