Black Mesa Source vs. Half-Life Screenshot Comparison


"If you’re a gamer of substantial experience, the past few years may make you believe in miracles.

Duke Nukem Forever finally saw the light of day, essentially making sales on the premise that the game had actually come out.

Now, another miraculous instance has occurred: the long-awaited Half-Life remake modification for Half-Life 2, Black Mesa Source, has been released.

Take a gander at the tremendous difference in fourteen years of graphical fidelity below."

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Proeliator2226d ago

Even if the source engine they used isn't the most modern (as in CS:GO)... WOW!

Raf1k12226d ago

They've been at it for ages. I'm just glad they've finally released it.

da_2pacalypse2226d ago

The amount of detail which is present at every single point of the game shows why it took them 8 years to make it. This is a work of art.

BattleAxe2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Well if its as boring as HL2, I'll save my money.

Hooshuwashu2226d ago

everyone needs to download this mod and support the people who created it. It's like experiencing HL for the first time again.

SnotyTheRocket2226d ago

never played HL, im getting this.

Bimkoblerutso2226d ago

Yeah, they did a very, VERY good job with it. Seriously.

shackdaddy2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

I'm having such a hard time dwnlding this. It's killing me how retarded my computer is acting right now after I've waited so long to play this mod D:

Proeliator2226d ago

I was surprised at the optimization.. a few stutters here and there, but overall a very impeccable presentation.

The first time you get blood on your crowbar... I needed new pants.

Hooshuwashu2226d ago

It took me a while to get it downloaded too =/ direct download was moving at no more than 100 kb/s, so I had to use the torrent.

sorceror1712226d ago

Use bittorrent. Played some tonight and it's really impressive, and fun. Just enough updates to keep it fresh, but still a lot enhanced deja vu.

sarydactl2226d ago

Those are pretty amazing differences.

pr0digyZA2226d ago

Ive only gone a little into the first chapter but you can really see these guys loved the "source material". Feels like playing half-life for the first time again- was really strange but great.

If you cant start it up get source sdk (either from steam or from a source released game, I used left for dead 2).

Hooshuwashu2226d ago

They've made a TINY bit of creative changes, but they're for the better.

I laugh at those complaining about some of the voice acting though.. it's a free mod people!!

gaminoz2226d ago

I can't believe some people work so hard on something free

CaptCalvin2223d ago

They modernized the lines a bit but haven't changed the tone. The scientists were supposed to sounded very deliberately snobbish and they replicated that in this remake. Some kids these days take everything too seriously

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The story is too old to be commented.