Xbox Live Reduced Content For September 2012

Though they waited until the mid-point of the month, the Xbox Live Dashboard has updated with the September 2012 reduced content.

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Relientk772317d ago

Assassins Creed 2 is amazing, people who havnt played it should go for it, its only $20

MDC312317d ago

sweet dont need to pay overpriced service like ps plus to get discounts

Qrphe2317d ago

>overpriced service
>not Live

Only this can describe my reaction.

opinska2316d ago

yeah and u need to pay 50-60$ for your OVERPRICED xbox live subscription... yeah be quiet

clevernickname2317d ago

Took me a minute to figure out what the fuck "reduced content" means in English. In means the PRICE has been reduced.

Must be some Brtish phrase because I've never heard that term used in North America. Just like when someone told me the weather was "hotting up" when I was in the UK. "Hotting up? Oh, HEATING up," I had to tell myself.

nukeitall2317d ago

I got all confused too. I thought it was reduced content that is being released, not a price cut!

doogiebear2317d ago

Xbox live fee's hard at work lol. Plus they made tons of money off of Ads (why are there ads if u already paid....hmmm), AND all the money made from Kinect---Yet they still screw their customers over. Smh -_-

MacUser19862316d ago

How about dropping the price for older games like Grid and Too Human?