The ESRB Knows Dead or Alive Too Well

Japanese fighting game Dead or Alive features a bevy of curvy ladies punching and kicking each other in the face. For years now, the DoA's have been talking up two things: Fighting game mechanics and boob physics.

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yewles12277d ago

"one hologram-like figure appears to be nude-though her reflective skin obscures any discernible details (i.e., nipples or genitalia)."

WTF? Is Dural in this too?

NovusTerminus2277d ago

I think they are referring to Alpha... If she returns.

spartan112g2277d ago

If Alpha is in this game, then I'll have to go buy a couple of extra controllers for the inevitable destruction of them.

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DivineAssault 2277d ago

gotta love DOA.. No blood or gore but bouncing boobs get M rating lol.. Theres animes that are peggy 16 that show nipples lol.. whatever

LKHGFDSA2277d ago

tv=/=games. there's PG movies with nipples too I'm pretty sure.

NBT912277d ago

Titanic is only rated a 12; has a suicide scene, blood, colourful language and boobs and mass death, even shows children freezing to death at the end.

It is a lot stricter for games, I mean Christ didn't Kingdom Hearts 2 get a Teen rating when it came out? Lol

guitarded772277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Yeah, it's pretty sad... Here in the US, there is great fear that someone may someone else's naughty bits. I'm not going to compare it to violence, because that's just a distraction from the real argument... people have genitals and it's totally natural for humans to be attracted to the human form. I can certainly understand an M rating for a game like Heavy Rain, which shows boobies and butts, but it also deals with mature subject matter. DOA is just immature booby bouncing fun. It should be rated T (teen). The only thing inappropriate about it is it's gross over the top distortion of physics... Einstein would freak the hell out if he saw that.