Dead or Alive Developer Won’t Remove Big Boobs From the Series

CraveOnline: "Dead or Alive has forged its identity on the back of its improbably breasted cast of female characters. In the same way that Street Fighter is known for its tightly woven gameplay, Mortal Kombat for its excessive violence and Tekken for its raptors with boxing gloves and pandas, Dead or Alive‘s “thing” is that its characters, particularly the women, are ludicrously proportioned in a way that would probably make fighting pretty difficult for them given the back problems they’d face."

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DragonbornZ2295d ago

I never really pay attention to the boobage when I'm fighting. Well, I usually roll with Phase 4, Mila or Alpha so that may have something to do with it (usually use Milas mma outfit or casual wear cause shes too cooool for swimsuits!) on top of not wanting to lose the match.
Sometimes after a match I'm like "gat damn those be wobblin" when it does that free pan zoom thing, but I'm more focused on the fight like any other game.
Think the huge somewhat gravity defying beasts don't really make me go wide-eyed anymore. Well I mean they do, but for testosterone reasons, not for shocked reasons.
Maybe ill see it differently if I think about it too much though: no back pain, how they aren't getting smacked in the face by those intense boob physics, etc, etc, but ya know i'm just mainly playin to fight. Fighting is really smooth.

hay2295d ago

DoA is good, and people should deal with it.

Mr Pumblechook2294d ago

"Dead or Alive Developer Won’t Remove Big Boobs From the Series"

Good. If you don't want to see the content of this game don't buy it, but there other people who have a different opinion on the game and you shouldn't be trying to prevent others from playing it.

Sonyslave32295d ago

Of course they won't remove the boobies because Dead of alive won't sell like it is now.

2295d ago
The_Kills2295d ago

Seems we have conquered all the things wrong with exploitative practices of game developers and publishers. Lets now tackle a philosophical issue of freedom of expression since we have no other pressing issues to burden us anymore..

Give me a break, i pity the one who would waste the time needed to read this article fully.

jambola2295d ago

are you saying we should only focus on the most important thing? ignore everything else?

skydragoonity2295d ago

I love boobs. Even if its digital :)

Kiwi662295d ago

Who doesn't and they say dogs are mans best friend but boobs come pretty close

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The story is too old to be commented.