Do triple-A games have a future?

With ever increasing costs, are triple-A titles becoming a problem for the industry? Could this be a problem that reaches into the future, and what is the potential fallout?

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DasTier2278d ago

Lol, judging by the current state of things it's the none triple A games which are in trouble, franchises like Halo, TES, COD, Madden, FIFA, Assassins Creed don't seem to have any problems when it comes to shifting games.

Hicken2278d ago

Thanks to bitmob for asking a question that didn't need asking. We can always count on a quality site like them to make an article out of a non-issue.

Ben_Grimm2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

It's a valid question. With the rising cost of development/production that ranges way past the millions mark we will see a lot of 3rd (even 1st) parties take less chances on new IP's.

This is a great reason why we see a lot of companies shifting over to mobile development. Low cost with a high return and even when it doesn't go well they didn't take a hit they would have taken if a companies product failed on consoles.

Does this mean the end of AAA? Of course not. But there is definitely a problem with the increasing costs and with the next gen of consoles around the corner it could get even more expensive.

BrutallyBlunt2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Yet we can continue to count on you making intelligent responses.

Funny how on one hand people whine about DLC and other tactics to get consumers to pay more without ever discussing how much games cost now to make. If you want AAA games then expect the cost to the consumer to be passed on somehow. Whether it be episodic content, DLC, online codes to unlock multiplayer and online access to curb used sales, digital distribution only to curb not only the used market but piracy and so on.

Hicken once again adds his little phantom disagree without ever actually explaining why.