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StickSkills said, "Double Dragon Neon is built on some very solid and smart game mechanics, but the game wrapped around it does not take advantage of them. In fact, it seems like it was built to play against those mechanics and give players as little enjoyment as possible. The only “fun” parts of the game are the wrapping, the music, the retro-styled UI and the humorous comments made by enemies as they come onscreen. None of that makes up for what is a sub-par and extremely frustrating brawler."

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JellyJelly2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Played the trial demo, thought it sucked balls. No idea why it's been getting such good scores with so many better downloadable titles released in the past weeks.

wiiu_peeu2320d ago

wtf are u talking about im 34 and buy most games and ths game is fun and good. AND its 1920x1080p and loooks crisp.

Skizelli2320d ago

I was actually old enough to remember the original and I thought they did a great job with this remake. Being that the original game was made during a time when games were a lot harder, I'm glad they stayed true to that, and I can see why it wouldn't appeal to anyone born after 1990.

The complaints in this review are laughable and it sounds to me like the reviewer doesn't have a vivid memory of how the original game actually played.

wiiu_peeu2320d ago

i agree a 10000 and game plys and looks so good. By the way soundtrack is great.

randomlyrossy2320d ago

I will fully admit to having barely played the original NES game. Though I have played a ton of Super Double Dragon for the SNES, itself not an easy game.

But really that doesn't have anything to do with this game, I reviewed Neon on it's own merits not on whether it was faithful to the original games. It's a cheap, unfun and frustrating game, I wish it were better because it has some great ideas but they really missed the mark.

Skizelli2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I respectfully disagree, sir. You can't fault a game for being too hard. You just can't. Difficulty is subjective.

Why do I like it so much? I instantly recognized a lot of things they took from the first two games. The combat was a lot more refined. The boss fights actually required strategy. The bro dialog was humorous. The art style and music captured the 80's era, and the game in general is a lot longer than the original. I played it with a buddy and we had a blast in bro-op.

If you played it by yourself, well, there lies your problem. Double Dragon was never as much fun by yourself as it was with another person. The devs took this into consideration when they added things like the high-fives, which you can't utilize if you're playing solo.

optimus2320d ago

Seems like his biggest gripe is that the game is too hard. He's obviously spoiled by today's games of infinite continues and save points...
I take it he never played any of the ninja gaiden games, or ghost and goblins, and megamans...he would probably give those games a 1/5.

randomlyrossy2320d ago

I can appreciate difficult games, when they are legitimately hard and not cheap. Double Dragon is hard because it's cheap, it piles things on top of each other to put players in unwinnable situations.

I have no problem with hard games, I'm not saying I'm good at them, but I've enjoyed Ninja Gaiden, Ghost and Goblins and most recently things like Super Meat Boy and Dark Souls.

optimus2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

What you call "cheap" has existed since the arcade version. What made double dragon a cult classic and made people put quarter after quarter into it was that the player knew there was some way of getting passed those cheap's trying different strategies that made this game (and many others) appealing...
When the nes version came out there were many reasons to knock it as bad, mainly for the graphics and sound but it retained the "cheapness" of the arcade and somehow it was also fun to play, which is what a lot of today's games are lacking...FUN FACTOR. Other games that are considered cheap yet fun to play from what i can remember...street fighter, and most neo-geo games.

@tweet75... I think you're on to something. ;)

tweet752320d ago

ive noticed reading reviews the ones that say they were raised in NES days or are middle age give it high reviews. Younger gamers give it a lower rating. I played it and I can understand why many in todays gaming world may not like it. But if you spent many hours on the original you can really appreciate this game.