TouchGen: Cafeteria Nipponica review

TouchGen: Cafeteria Nipponica marks the event of something special: the first universal game from Kairosoft that plays natively in full screen on the iPad. This is something I have been asking for in the past, and I was really pleased when I found the small plus indicating universal in the App Store. The fact that I didn’t play it a single minute on my iPad is another matter. Kairosoft simulation games are generally quite slowly paced, and Cafeteria Nipponica is perhaps the one that is slowest with the least player interaction needed so far. Dedicating my retina iPad screen to just waiting for the months to pass to amass enough money to expand my restaurant is not for me. Rather I have played the game on my iPhone while watching movies, or surfed the Internet on my iPad. The pace is slow, and after a couple of weeks I don’t really think I have gotten into it yet. Compared to for example Game Dev Story, and Grand Prix Story that consumed my time completely Cafeteria Nipponica has an almost freemium feel to the pace. Having just come off Kairobotica on Android I have recently tasted the real low of Kairosoft, and really wanted a good comeback.

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