New Xbox 360 Console Bundles Arrive at Retail

Microsoft Studios has today launched a selection of new Xbox 360 console bundles at retail stores throughout the UK. Whether you’re after a family party experience with Dance Central 2 or an adult adventure with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, these three new hardware bundles are designed to satisfy your needs.

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jetpacksheep3201d ago

They probably want some attention after all the iPhone 5 and Wii U news, ha ha.

ChunkyLover533201d ago

Microsoft and Sony are both going to need to do something to try and slow down Nintendo. Sony obviously is going to release the family friendly PS3, Microsoft has always had good bundles.

Lucretia3201d ago Show
CalvinKlein3201d ago

ahah lucretia why so butthurt? The first guy is the one who brought up wiiU.

EVILDEAD3603201d ago

Wow the Skyrim/Forza 4 Bundle is a really good bundle. It does goto show how amazing Skyrim was on the 360.

Bundles are standard going into the fall, this isn't an attempt to take away from any of the consoles.

The Wii-u is going to sell regardless, the new Slim model will sell regardless, just as nothing will stop the 360 from selling this holiday as well.


Godmars2903201d ago

More reminding that Skyrim plays better - at all - on the 360 versus the PS3.

Master_S3201d ago

No man, iPhone 5 is the same fuck Phone, and Wii U is...CRAP.

Knight_Crawler3201d ago

LMFAO! iPhone5..needed the laugh on Friday, thanks Jetpack.

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nukeitall3201d ago

That is some nice bundles. Particularly the Forza 4 and Skyrim bundle. Maybe I can snap up those games on the cheap on ebay soon! :)

sandman2243201d ago

Who will buy that out dated mess of a console. Buy a wi u, or buy a ps3 ultra slim instead. Also instead of having to buy an Xbox live membership save yourself 10 dollars and buy a ps+ membership that will provide you with a ton of games so you don't need to buy one right away.

ugaydawg3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

12GB PS3 announced - fanboys say its awesome, top page

New Xbox Bundles announced - Aw is stupid, xbox sucks

cl19833201d ago

Actually the super slim hasn't been confirmed by sony yet.

Dms20123201d ago

Lots of people hate MS on N4G, I don't think there is one shred of news that can be posted about the 360 that does not get a negative response.

Dread3201d ago

This is N4G, the home of the Sony Fanboy.

Its too bad becasue due to this ridiculous unbalance, it is impossible to have a decent gaming conversation.

If you want to say something positive about a 360 game, you have to say something positive about Sony or else you get the wrath of the SDF and loose bubbles, and don't even think about critizising Sony for anything, that is not permitted here.

Remember Sony is perfection, andything else is crap, specially MS.

GribbleGrunger3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Could you perhaps explain to me, if it's the home of Sony fanboys, why the majority of news on here is anti Sony? Are you suggesting that those Sony fanboys are responsible for all that negativity? Or are you a little tightly strung?

The proof is here to see quite clearly. Even in a thread about the 360 people like you still can't help but rag on Sony and their fans.

thehusbo3201d ago

Calm down kid. You seem mad.

CalvinKlein3201d ago

ahha gribble, you just perceive anything that isnt praising sony as "anti-sony."

Thats the thing, you are such fanboys you cant even accept legitimate criticism or real facts without calling it "anti-sony."

I bet you think an article about the vita doing badly is "anti-sony" right? Too bad its true and the thing is flopping while they sit by and watch. I have one so I know it hasnt been supported half as much as they need too.

iamgoatman3201d ago

Everyone is out to get Sony! It's a conspiracy! /s

Seriously, how can people be such tools?

Ben_Grimm3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

"why the majority of news on here is anti Sony?"

That is only your perception but as you can see we are getting a lot of negative articles about the WiiU being too expensive or a lot of backlash for Bayonetta 2 being a WiiU exclusive, does this mean the media is biased against Nintendo also?

The news here is approved by the community here, they (you) also have the power to disapprove these articles.

"Are you suggesting that those Sony fanboys are responsible for all that negativity?"

I'm suggesting it, nothing gets the fanboy blood raging than a negative article and playing the victem, that way the fan can properly go mental and start posting lists of fave exclusives, pros of a system and talk smack about another system they hate. Also they can put the tried and true post of "the media is biased against ___"

"Or are you a little tightly strung?"

Tightly strung, werent you just in a Kinect article about a lady with some form of disability and and her son hacked a kinect so she could use it to read and send emails. and what was your response to that....

Clarence3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Please all the negative Sony articles on N4g. You both must be crazy. Sony is not perfection but M$ hardware fails when compared to Sonys.

The 360 failure rate on top of its problem scratching disk.

I lost bubbles because 360 fanboys hate to here the truth about their beloved 360 console.

There is a large amount of hate that goes around on both sides.
The truth is M$ plays it safe while Sony takes more chances.

The console will sell but the new PS3 slim will do much better.

Outside_ofthe_Box3201d ago

Here's the real reality; You can't criticize anything without getting the wrath of the -insert console- defense force, case in point being proven in this very thread.

Everyone plays the victim. Simple.

***"I'm suggesting it, nothing gets the fanboy blood raging than a negative article and playing the victem"***

And I can very well suggest that a good number of "trolling 360 comments" are really 360 gamers so that way the fan can properly go mental and post the tried and true of "You cant say anything positive about ___ on ___ because this is a pro ___ website."

It is what it is.

Ben_Grimm3200d ago


Sorry Outside, I truly meant that the fans of ALL consoles like to play the victem not just the overboard sony fans.

But I bet I could find more "media is biased" comments than your post you had in quotes.
Care to take the physical challenge?


Outside_ofthe_Box3200d ago

If I could be bothered to go on a post scavenger hunt I would.

I do think there would be more "the media is biased against sony" comments, but I think the gap wouldn't be as much as most would assume.

Ben_Grimm3200d ago


Thank god you didn't take me up on that offer cause I did not want to go through with it, even though posts from Gribble would have put me ahead by far.

ALLWRONG3200d ago

Why are there more Sony fanboys in Nintendo and Xbox news than there are Xbox and Nintendo fanboys? If you went over to PS3 news and said the things PS3 fanboys say about Nintendo and MS. You would be banned or removed for trolling. It's a trade off, you get hordes of PS3 fanboys, but everyone knows N4G as a whiners circle for Sony fans.

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CalvinKlein3201d ago

I guess people should go with a ps3 if they like mandatory installs and long updates.

MetalProxy3201d ago

Odd...your agrees suggest that there are plenty of MS fanboys at this site but I am in a xbox thread so I shouldnt be surprised lol. Seriously though dont act like the xbox dont have updates. I do love that you guys are running out of stuff to whine about. *gives hug*

ALLWRONG3200d ago

360 has two, maybe 3 updates a year.

Siren303200d ago

Xbox 360 is out dated but the ps3 isn't? How do you figure?

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AngelicIceDiamond3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Not a bad deal minus Skyrim. Yeah I can see MS pulling off some pretty big ads this holiday, more than ever since Wii U got announced for the 18th of Nov.

@above yeah, the MS bashing gets extremely annoying on here. Its always the same tired excuses for there loathe of MS. Makes no sense.

Knight_Crawler3201d ago

Minus Skyrim what the hell are you talking about? Have you played the 360 version on Skyrim?

Skyrim is my 3rd best game this gen next toLost Odessy and Red Dead Remption.

DivineAssault 3201d ago

If i had to choose between these bundles & wii u bundles, id go for wii u.. I have a ps3 tho.. Witcher 2 is prolly all id want on xbox

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