Rant rant rant: My thoughts on the F1 2012 Demo and more

Tommy from WTF1 writes: "So I’ve just tried the F1 2012 demo and I’m disappointed but then again, I didn’t expect anything less. From this year’s development diaries I already knew the game was going to be no different to F1 2011. In the diaries they were going on about weather systems and replays, exactly the same drivel that was said in the F1 2010 dev diaries."

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chukamachine2224d ago

Good read.

I have 2010, it's a good game, but i find just F1 gets alittle boring after awhile.

I play GT5 a fair bit, and you can have dick around races as well as serious ones.

I tried the demo for f1 2012 on both pc/ps3.

PS3 is 25-30fps
My pc is over 60fps @1080p. But other then rez and reflections, not much difference.

GT5 is 60fps. Which is some feat considering it has the best lighting of any racing game ever made.

F1 2012 does not look better then F1 2012 OR F1 2011.