Bayonetta 2: Developers Explain Why They Sided With Nintendo

SegmentNext - "A lot of joyful and saddened reactions were seen when Nintendo announced Bayonetta 2 to be heading to the Wii U as an exclusive title.

The saddened reactions off course coming from the ones who are content with their current console and want to play the sequel to the original Bayonetta without buying Nintendo’s console."

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Hatsune-Miku2228d ago

Anything short of reassuring the fans that bought the first bayonetta that they'll get bayonetta 2 soon on the system they bought it for is insulting. I know the game is coming to xbox and ps3 sometime down the line because of the install base and potential sales but they need to tell their fans.

WiiUalpha2228d ago

No matter how many times people explain it to you, you will never grasp the fact that it isnt coming to any other console.

I pity you I really do.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


Below: Negative...

Pushagree2228d ago

They can have the game. Bayonetta is the most shameless, poorly written franchise this generation has ever come up with. I won't miss it's transition to the other side.

Baka-akaB2228d ago

oh yeah of course , with the usual spectrum of "How could you betray us!! we loved you" , usually also always come a shade of "meh the game was crap anyway i dont care , but i'll brag about it"

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Lucretia2228d ago


You know whats crazy, thats what they said when Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 were published by MS, and now look......they change the title a tiny bit and its on ps3 lol.

Never is only a wish from a fanboy.

way to many potential sales to keep it on wii-u.

unless every single gamer buys a wii-u then im sure the sales wont do good.

Reibooi2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Their response seems like nothing more then BS PR talk. I mean the bottom line is that Bayonetta sold a few million units between the ps3 and 360 and I can almost guarantee that it will probably not even break a million on teh Wii U. It won't have the install base for years to come to do so on top of the fact that Nintendo isn't the place where most gamers would think to find something like Bayonetta in the first place.

If it's true that Sega had cancelled it and Platinum had no other option but to let Nintendo step in like rumors around N4G have suggested then they should just say it. It was either this or nothing. It's alot better then this nonsense PR talk that we got here.

nintendojunkie282228d ago

I was thinkin' the same thing.I thought about running it by him/her again,but figured what's the point.

nintendojunkie282228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I don't think you quite understand.Games that are published by Nintendo...stay with Nintendo.Unless they sell or let go of their rights to the franchise,the chances of you ever seeing it on something other than a Nintendo platform are less than 0%.

Sono4212228d ago

Platinum seems very grateful to Nintendo doing this, why can't you so called "fans" do the same?

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Baka-akaB2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

There is nothing insulting about release a game where you are actually wanted .

The360/ps3 version was quite confirmed as cancelled on the Sega front , and i dont see your heroes coming to the rescue , as they could and should have .

And i hope for you guys that you'll be right and be able to smirkly say "AH told you so" ... but good luck seeing a Nintendo funded and published game managed to get away from them and be released elsewhere .

Platinum most likely keep the IP so can do spins offs or sequels wherever ... but BAyo2 is most likely protected by contract for Nintendo .

But again hope you are right .

I just wont waste my time and energy hoping , instead will play it in the mean time , and should a new version emerge , i'll just replay it .

tehpees32228d ago

Exactly. If it wasn't for Nintendo this wouldn't be happening.

Lucretia2228d ago

you know, Sega seems to be going bankrupt or something because they cant seem to publish alot of things anymore. Im very amazed that they are publishing dead or alive.

CalvinKlein2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I really liked bayonetta and would buy 2 if it were to come to 360 or ps3. I would also buy it for sure If I am to get a wiiU. Im not angry like some because I honestly thought that bayonetta 2 wasnt going to even be made so im happy to see it being made. Also it should be interesting to see it on more powerful hardware.

I thought this was funny tho "Bayonetta is a brand that we want to see become stronger, reaching the hands of more and more gamers, so we have continued to consult with Sega, the previous game’s publisher, on how we can make sure this takes place. Our answer was a new partnership with Nintendo."

He says he want to get bayonetta to as many people as possible so theri solution was to develop it for a console with 0 instal base as opposed to 140million + on ps3/360. Maybe they needed the money and made it a timed exclusive and it will come out on the ps4/xbox3 maybe. Otherwise I dont see how this move gets bayonetta into more people's hands unless by that they meant actually making the game when it wasnt being made ever if not for nintendo funding it.

stuna12228d ago

Well thought out comment! I also think the answer to everyone question is also in your comment. In order for it to reach its maximum sales potential, it would have to be some type of deal in the background or, some type of spin-off of the series.

Even in the event there isn't, Nintendo really can't be faulted for capitalizing on an opportunity to secure the title for their catalog! I say more power to them.

zgoldenlionz2228d ago

Great comment! It's great that B2 is coming and actually makes me want a wiiu more, I was planning on waiting for the next Zelda before getting one. I'm going to stay optimistic on a multi plat release down the line. Either way I'll get to play this someday. It it's too bad that it's not releasing on multiple consoles because it be a day 1 purchase for me, on,y way that would happen is if I give in and have a wiiu by the time this gets released.

gamer78042228d ago

Well thought out but nintendo didn't save it, they were just the highest bidder. I don't blame or thank nintendo, but i do blame platinum for not respecting their fans.

stragomccloud2228d ago

It's published by Nintendo. They own the publishing rights. Nintendo is paying the devs. It can't come out on any other system.

Another example is.... Mass Effect. The first game will sadly never be released on PS3.

Sono4212228d ago

How did you possibly get that out of what they said?.... I am really curious as to how your mind works.

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NewMonday2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Can't complain if Nintendo invested to make this game, where Sega wasn't willing to

If Nintedo go the extra mile and buy Platinum games and make them put out games like this and Vanquish regularly they will win back my respect as a gamer and my money

bitboi2228d ago

so...Nintendo fronting the money to platinum and helping save Bayonetta 2 is not enuff to at least give them respect? hmmmm


I do think it's positive for Nintendo.

it's kind of funny to see Nintendo trying to get back the "hardcore" fans while MS seem to not care and seem to be going after the casual.

I didn't think much of the first game, but I am sure fans will not like the idea of this.

Baka-akaB2228d ago

Real fans will follow the game wherever it goes , as long as the platform doesnt handicap the franchise .
The wii u will deliver fine for it .

There is no way the bayo franchise need the exclusive power of some potential upcoming monster , as it's hardly the most graphically intense game .

All i know anyway is that Bayonetta 2 (and Vanquish 2) was dead on ps3/360 , and is now alive .

NewMonday2228d ago


If they do this as just a short term stunt like MS did with the 360 only for the to turn their backs on us again then no they don't get respect

Not repeating my mistake of getting a system just to play 2-3 games like I did with the GC

Baka-akaB2228d ago

short exclusive or not , they deserve the respect for saving a cancelled game . It doesnt matter if you feel shafted for getting it elsewhere later , bottom line is , someone has to save the game first

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IQUITN4G2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

A big thumbs up to Nintendo for ensuring the continuation of this frachise. Bayonetta may be initially just plain out weird and frankly unappealing to a lot of folk but it's also the best example of the genre and for me personally a system seller. Disappointing for some that it's on a machine people had no intention of purchasing probably but that's how it is. Some fans will be highly unimpressed no doubt but will that honestly stop them selling their soul for this game?- only if they truly didn't understand and love the game in the first place

I adore the Halo franchise for example and would buy another console were it decided MS didn't want the ip any more- obviously not likely

GribbleGrunger2228d ago

So you want to grow your franchise and you thought the best way to do that would be to annoy every single person who bought it on the PS3 or the 360 and hit an install base of 0...

mmmmmmmm... right...

sikbeta2228d ago

Be real, Bayo 1 didn't set the charts on fire, it sold 1m combined: PS360, Sega is cutting left and right and maybe Nintendo offer the cash Sega didn't want to spend on it, now we'll need to see how it performs as an Exclusive game

wishingW3L2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

it sold more than 2 millions and the game didn't even have a triple A budget! That sounds pretty good to me.

On the PS3 alone which had the worst version it sold more than 1 million!

Ben_Grimm2228d ago


The game was a Triple A game. Budgets and productions costs are different from company to company. EA's AAA budget game is different from an Indie's AAA game but make no mistake each company has it and takes it seriously.

Dark-vash2228d ago

SEGA wasn't willing to publish the game. Platinum Games searched for another publisher, where Nintendo came and saved the day!

Ben_Grimm2228d ago

Sega canceled the game. Nintendo picked it up. If anything you should be glad somebody somewhere did this or we would have never played part 2.

Kingdom Come2228d ago

"Bayonetta is a brand that we want to see become stronger, reaching the hands of more and more gamers"...

So they made it exclusive to one console?

Redempteur2228d ago

the fault lies within SEGA that decided , they didn't want it anymore ..
it was either nintendo or nothing ...

ABizzel12228d ago

Brillant isn't it. MIND-BLOWN with that logic <e/s>

That being said, good move for Nintendo. Picking up Bayonetta was a smart move for them, and if they want to be taken seriously as a "Core & Casual" console then they need to keep this up for the core. I'll get a Wii-U probably in 1 - 2 years, after I see Zelda, and just how much 3rd party support the Wii-U receives when the PS4 and Nextbox come out.

Kingdom Come2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Oh it was undeniably a great move by Nintendo, I myself am not particularly interested with the Bayonnetta franchise, having found the original to be somewhat overrated, but I find Platinum's attempt at reasoning to be somewhat half-assed. Had they claimed that their search for a publisher was expansive and difficult, then it would have been completely understandable for them to accept publishing from Nintendo, but this is not the case. They claim they want to allow more people to experience the franchise ad this is accomplished by moving the franchise to Nintendo's console, however, this isn't expanding the games community, it's swapping communities, which is one, confusing and two, quite insulting to those of who brought the sequel to existence...

ABizzel12228d ago

The gameplay was amazing, the fights and boss fights were really good.

The story was average at best, and the writing was horrible.

But to me it's an example that gameplay > than all other aspects of a game besides framerate maybe.

glopez2228d ago


Your nintendo? The crying fanboys are nintendo? I ask because you said those who brought the sequel into existence were insulted.

Kingdom Come2228d ago

Without the original being purchased by us gamers, Nintendo wouldn't even consider publishing the sequel, therefor it is down to gamers that a sequel is releasing...

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