David Jaffe talks Head On, the PS3, and independence

On the eve of the release of the final Twisted Metal game on PlayStation 2, GameTap spoke with creator David Jaffe. His new company, Eat Sleep Play, includes many of his long-time associates who helped cocreate games such as Twisted Metal 1 and 2, Twisted Metal: Black, War of the Monsters, Downhill Domination, and God of War. The independent developer's first title is the PS2 port of the PSP game, Twisted Metal Head On, which is packed with four "Lost" levels from the unreleased game Twisted Metal: Black 2, never-before-seen FMV videos from TM1, a documentary, and downloadable songs, to name a few.

What makes this game worth buying if you already own the PSP game? What are Jaffe's favorite games of 2007? How does he like independent development? Will he work on God of War 3? Has Microsoft courted him to make Xbox 360 games?

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Rikitatsu4330d ago

On Small Games,Ports, or PSN games... they Won't work on something Big like GOW... jaffe himself said that

this sux

resistance1004330d ago


He also said in this interview

'Those games are PlayStation 3. We have started development on the first of those three games a couple of weeks ago. Realistically, that game will see the light of day at the end of 2009, maybe a little later or sooner, we'll see how things go'

The first PS3 game they are doing doesn't sound like a Port/PSN title to me

anh_duong4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

although david initially denies it, of course he will do games for xbox at some point. the deal david jaffe with sony has is similar to the bungie deal with ms i.e. expect some exclusives then multis once the contract period ends.

resistance1004330d ago

It depends sony probally owns the rights to all new IPs Eat Sleep Play create for sony as part of the contract

Iamback4330d ago

Since they have 3 game deal, than it most likely means that A) Sony finances those projects B)They will be published by Sony and C)Yeah publishing makes it IP of Sony so no those 3 games wont go to other platforms.
But since they are independent after those 3 games contract is over and they want to work for someone else, they could do it.

Ares844330d ago

He said that "for now" they are only working on SONY games but if other parties whant to talk to them they are more than happy too!

Skerj4330d ago

Sony's going to acquire that studio for original PSN games after their initial 3 game deal. It's just something so easy to see judging from their past and that interview. PSN original games are ramping up and right now that'll be Sony's strength against competing online services as far as the store is concerned. Hell I've already purchased 9 and that number will probably be doubled this year. More original games to bring customers in, they'll just need to work on the advertising bit.

Iamback4330d ago

Skater boy said that there are some mumblings about Sony buying them and that gamecompany(they made FLOW) but they feel not the need to do that wright now.
O and also Quantic Dreams will most likely soon be acquired by Sony. You know Fahrenheit, Omrikon and Heavy Rain developer.

Skerj4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Love all 3 of the developers mentioned. Quantic Dream would be an awesome acquisition as would Thatgamecompany. I can't wait for Heavy Rain and fLower respectively. If they pick up QD soon enough, maybe that means Omikron 2 will be solely on PS3. My mind races with the things they could pull off because the first one was highly ambitious, but it was never able to fully live up to what it wanted to accomplish. If Insomniac got acquired and they all shared resources for a game engine, it'd stomp everything else.

With 3rd party exclusives slowly becoming relics of the past, the 1st and 2nd party games are what will truly define a system's library in this gen.

Iamback4330d ago

I like his honesty:
GameTap: How long is it, David, before EA buys you? [Laughs]

David Jaffe: Well no. I want to sell our company. Scott wants to sell our company. We're all looking to do that one day. That's the plan. That's how you make money in this business.

GameTap: You know I am sort of joking because I am still bitter that EA bought BioWare.

David Jaffe: I would love to get acquired. But we don't want to get acquired right now. We have no problems keeping the lights on. It's not about, "Oh please buy us because we're about to go under." It's about finding the right partner who likes what we do. Can we make significantly more money selling our company than doing games on an individual basis for some publishers? Yes. But this is all down the road stuff. I don’t mind sharing our business plan with you, but this is down-the-road stuff, this is long-term planning, and right now we're happy making these games with Sony.
No BS talk where he pretends not to care about money.

sonyfanonly4330d ago

if he does then he does he is independent now and just because he makes a game for the 360 dont mean he's turned is back on us ps fans because he gave us GOD OF WAR AND TWISTED METAL and i know he wont put those on a 360 maybe a new ip or something but i guarantee it will be on the ps3 also GOOD LUCK JAFFE

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