A Moment To Remember The Song That Sold Borderlands

Kotaku- As we sit here waiting for the launch of Borderlands 2, it's easy to forget that a lot of people thought that the first game was going to be a huge flop. It was a new idea amid a flood of sequels, and a totally untested quantity—did we really need another first-person shooter? Why would anyone buy it? Analyst Michael Pachter famously said that the game was being "sent to die" amid other big fall releases like Modern Warfare 2. It made sense at the time!

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Carl_Shocker2278d ago

I wonder why they never put another Cage the Elephant song in the sequel

By the way Borderlands had another song by DJ Champion called No Heaven which was also pretty catchy

MattyG2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

I've heard some of their other stuff and it doesn't fit Borderlands like this does. I think this song was a one time deal. I'm sure they'll get another awesome intro song :D Can't wait!

Carl_Shocker2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Double Post

Carl_Shocker2278d ago

Well it better not be crappy dub step which dosent fit the game at all....

You know what would of been really good for the game "How'd you like me now" by The Heavy

bestdef192278d ago

In One Ear by Cage would fit fine, not as perfectly as No Rest for the Wicked, but it'd be close

oNIXo2278d ago

Dude, you haven't listened to Cage the Elephant much. Check this shit out, would go perfect with Borderlands. "People talking shit, they can kiss the back of my hand."

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konnerbllb2278d ago

It was such a great way to start borderlands 1 :D

Despair6662278d ago

Video is very similar to boulevard of broken dreams

TheModernKamikaze2278d ago

I really don't see how it's similar.

TheSaint2278d ago

This video is blocked in your country due to copyright.

Still, it was a sweet song.

Captain Tuttle2278d ago

I love to see publishers and developers rewarded for taking on the risk of launching a new IP.

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