Gametrailers: Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Review.

Gametrailers: "Extreme Justice is another good exclusive game on a platform that's in need of both, The PSP has definitely turned a corner in the past few months, and this latest Pursuit Force really illustrate what the system is capable of when developers really care about making a quality game."

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Luca Blight4325d ago

But the PSP has been impressing me lately. If Sony would add some more PS1 games for download on PSN (so we can play them on our PSPs), that'd be the icing on the cake. I hope that Devil Dice, Omega Boost, Rollcage rumor turns out to be true. But, what we really need on the US Store is...

- Xenogears
- Suikoden
- Suikoden 2
- Alundra
- Syndicate Wars

Torch4325d ago

Just my friendly two cents regarding Pursuit Force:

My wife picked up a second-hand copy of the first one for me on a whim some time last year, and I can't stress how incredibly fast, fun, and adrenaline-rushed it was.

One of the best of the many games I've got for the system. The production values are high, and the game doesn't feel like you're playing on a tiny portable. I'll definitely be picking up this sequel some time in the future.

If arcade action shooters are your kind of thing (think: Chase H.Q. on steroids), grab a used copy of Pursuit Force, and you won't be disappointed.

One caveat though: The game and bosses can be a little tough and frustrating at times...but nothing that's not insurmountable with a bit of trial & effort.

As for more downloadable PSOne games, I totally agree.

<Ahem>Metal Gear Solid</Ahem>

Kyur4ThePain4325d ago


Now, N4G, get rid of those God damned drop-down ads!