Hilary Goldstein, IGN 360 Editor , Bashes Xbox 360

In a recent "3 Red Lights" podcast, Hilary Goldstein, editor in chief of IGN X360, completely attacks the Xbox 360 and argues that the PS3 will ultimately win out. He begins his rant at 1 hour 4 minutes into the podcast. Quite insightful and informative for all listeners.

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Martini4324d ago

What a n00bs they are on that podcast - they don't even know how much 360 retails for :).

pswi604324d ago

they did the math, if you add up all the features of the ps3 like blu-ray, wifi, online, hard drive, etc, it will cost you $750 to buy a 360 with all the same features.

the ps3 can only drop in price, while now ms has to offer a blu-ray addon and pay sony, or keep supporting a dead format. ms has painted themselves into a corner with all the bad hardware, gimped skus, and overpriced accessories that their only choice now is to offer a new console in 3 years for $800.

i'll keep my launch ps3 beyond 3 years and more thank you.

Kulupoo4324d ago

sorry... just finish a really bad pirates movie...
but talking about a rant...

ColossiSlayer4324d ago

My how the mighty have fallen, if I pay over 200 bucks for something that even has the possibility of failing, I'm not buying it. Hell, 360 games aren't even on HD DVDs that should have been a red flag there, but maybe Msoft was smart in that decision but it would have given HD DVDs more of a chance. PS3 will slowly take over . . .

Bill Gates4324d ago

You're right, that's not good. That's GREAT!!....AAHHAHAHHAHHAHHHHAH A

The 360 is junk and the BABOONS know it.

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wil4hire4324d ago

In a few more months everyone is going to act as if they have been praising the PS3 the entire time. I hope you guys remember which sources/sites you continue to support.

Remember the ones who spoke as if the PS3 hardware couldn't do anything.
The people who didn't even play lair, yet said the controls were 100% terrible.

Oh wait, thats IGN.

zambrota4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

However IGN remained quite unbiased throughout this gen (excepting something like LAIR review).

but now tides have changed but some websites like 1up remained the same---"ps3 will remain a distant third in 2008???"

I expect 1up to change within a few months though and eventually every anti-sony website might become pro-sony

YOu always praise the winning side and this is a typical human bias

BrianC62344324d ago

Hasn't most of the bashing been against Sony more than the PS3 though? A lot of people attacked Sony for the high price of the PS3. Some cried about how the Blu-ray drive made it too expensive. Those fools will soon look stupid though.

fusionboxer4324d ago

It's actually very surprising that he decided to attack the 360. A long time back he said he buckled up and bought a ps3 a little while after the time Tretton said he'd give 1200 to anyone who couldn't find one.

Anyway this isn't really a huge deal per se because the ps team attacks the ps3 all the time pointing out flaws and how they can be fixed. Hil probably had the same intentions with his words... You know some hard love to make things better.

Bathyj4324d ago

Hilary is a guy? I was waiting for this chick to come on and thought there wont be anything left to say buy the time this guys done.
But seriously....

I'm not aware of this guys preferences. I havent read much of his work or ever listened to a podcast before. But I've got to say, he doesnt seem like a fanboy or someone with his own agenda. Doesnt he work for the xbox section?

To me he seemed like someone whos had a good look at the situation, the parties involved, weighed up the pros and cons of each as well as what he wants from a machine for himself and which way the mainstream direction is likely to go. To me I think he's just someone whose read the writting on wall and thinks Sony is doing things right.

4324d ago
pizzavideogames4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

Did some idiot on this podcast say xbox had better games than PS2? I had a PS2 and an xbox and I have alot of nostalgia for xbox games like halo, splinter cell, whatever...

I love my N64 to death but I know it's games weren't up to par with PS1's. And there's no way xbox's library could compete with ps2's, especially if your looking at international markets. That dude did decide to clarify what he said after goldetien told him that he was wrong but PS2 had dozens more great games than xbox.

Edit: I just listened to the rest of it. I think I get mad when people speak definitively when there speaking out of ignorance.

These guys think that digital distribution will outpace and outperform blu-ray this generation and that is ludicrous. People who tell you that digital distribution is relevent now are trying to push there there product hard NOW because there isn't much competition at this point or their platform is failing (HDDVD-microsoft).

Unlike high-def digital television, which the government is pushing forward by setting a date for all signals to be switched from analogue to digital, braodband internet's progress is being slowed by companies like comcast and time warner which are imposing limits on downloads to conserve bandwidth (or so they say).

Broadband internet is not widespread in the united staes by any means and it's growth is not as fast as people think it is. Prices for broadband are still too expensive for most Americans or it's not avialable in their area.

Many people are spoiled by living in or near populated areas and are provided choices for things like internet provider and service but half of the country is very rural and they don't have xbox live. They have a dvd player, they shop at walmart, they still play their PS2, they buy in bulk and they don't have internet fast enough to download movies on a wim. They'll upgrade their console of chioce when the price is right and blu-ray will look like a pretty sweet feature to these people beacuse, soon enough, it will be the de facto standard.

Digital distribution is the future, but the future is still a ways off.

mikeslemonade4324d ago

This is huge because Hilary Goldstein use to be a huge 360 supporter/backer like Luke Smith who is now with Bungie. If he's saying this is what's going to happen then it will be the doom and gloom for our fellow console mates.

f7ss14324d ago

Yeah i found this to be very odd indeed, im a frequent listener to pretty much all of the podcasts on ign because they have some good discussions sometimes, but i found this extremely odd to hear coming from the mouth of hilary goldstein. When i first heard this last week i thought about posting it on n4g for you guys but i thought " nah, itll just be flamebait." but oh well

Lifendz4324d ago

You can't make a comparison of two consoles w/o being political or a fanboy? It's the truth. Everything he said was very true. It wasn't like he discounted the games on 360; he just mentioned hardware functionality. And he didn't even mention the RROD problems. He was talking from a movies, wi-fi, hdd perspective.

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pwnsause4324d ago

recent turn of events by the media eh? thats why I will always hate the media.

wil4hire4324d ago

I think many PS3 owners have become used to the media totally flipping on them. I only hope 360 owners can take it on the chin. They are just trying to get hits/"sell papers"

DiabloRising4324d ago

Totally right man. Bubbles for you.

4324d ago
DiabloRising4324d ago

Oh I'm not saying that it's totally unwarranted. Sony indeed dug a deep hole. But let's be honest here, much of that list above is pure fluff just to pad it up. Stupid comments and moves should be commented on by the media, but let's be honest here, the hate is continuing for far too long for no reason. Sony has gone a long way to getting back to where they should be, IE, not being stupid. Yet still, incessant bashing.

A PS3 port from the 360 is slightly inferior, and it is scored a whole point less. Yet Burnout hits the PS3, runs slightly better, and then reviewers immediately jump to the "it has no achievements and no custom soundtracks" bandwagon? C'mon. They are pleasing the readers of the largest console base. DMC4 has screen tearing on the 360? Same score! But man, if this was the PS3 version instead, we would hear about it for months.

The media is fueling this console war more than any gamer is. They make stupid remarks to get hits (how many sites have "confirmed" MGS4 port stories that turned out to be BS?) and then mock gamers when they get in a tizzy about it. And people keep playing into their hands. It's sad, and it makes being an actual gamer all the more... I don't know, I'm just so sick of the console war BS. I don't care if the 360 DMC has SLIGHTLY longer loads or the PS3 version has SLIGHTLY better motion blur... we talk about the console war more than the games themselves. And that's lame.

yamamoto1144324d ago

It's nice that Sony's gaining ground again though. Despite dropping BC and other stupid mishaps, things like price drops, worthy exclusives, and the DualShock 3 are improving the landscape.

pwnsause4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

yea I know sony took a shotgun and shot themselves in the foot several times,wait sorry, a load of times, but as we've seen so far with the media, they talked about the craziest things about the PS3. I remember that one article about how the PS3 is causing Global Warming, i just loled. anyway, they were partly right about the PC being replaced by consoles, just partly though. Im happy though that they are learning their lesson on being arrogant with the consumers.

4324d ago
The Wood4324d ago

if you look for fud you will find it. Forget what people say. Compare all of those to what Microsoft done and drop the original xbox like a very bad habit. You sure spent a long time exposing your preference and a preference is cool but like Hatchetforce said you've just padded it out with a whole heap of fud. People (mainly western media) hated on sony because they were on top and were from Asia. Now the turncoats emerge. Actions over PR. If you see things through that perspective you'll hate a little less.

lesferdinand4324d ago

Not sure what you’re trying to prove here, but I quickly glanced through your headlines but a lot have nothing to do with Sony themselves whatsoever.

On E3 2005 Sony’s show trashed that of the 360 much to the dismay of xbox fans (the hardcore gamers, including journalists). Afterwards the media and a very effective internet viral marketing campaign struck back because of the use of target renders. A quote was taken out of context (Resistance was running on actual PS3 hardware, Killzone was a target render but this was swapped, apparently by mistake) and all of a sudden Sony were liars and the scum of the earth. Combine that with a few very stupid remarks by Sony executives and the PS3 was heading for disaster.

Two years later the 360 is already showing a decline in sales and no progress since Gears of War, a second generation title: everything is a HD rehash of old franchises. There is little exciting for it on the radar and now all of a sudden all the delays on PS3 have given it a ‘killer’ line-up for 2008 (unfortunately mainly consisting of HD rehashes of old games but maybe Kojima and Square can surprise us). Couple that with a not too bad performance of the PS3 and it starts to win back support from the gaming press.

But once again the media is largely ignoring the Wii, which killer line-up or not, will own 2008 and the rest of this generation. MS should get very worried. If Sony succeeds in taking them over, third party support will drop as fast as it came.

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wil4hire4324d ago

agreed. I was all prepared to hear a chick.. then some dude starts blathering.

Zhuk4324d ago

Hilary Goldstein has always seem to be anti 360 to me, this does not surprise me at all

Alcohog4324d ago

You're delusional. He reviews multiplatform games on IGN and has a consistent track record of throwing the PS3 version under the bus.

Fighter4324d ago

I agree with Alcohog. He always grilled PS3 version of multi-platform games and gave them a significantly lower score. I can think of Skate as an example.

pswi604324d ago

zhuk has always seemed anti ps3 to me. his comment surprises no one.

Alvadr4324d ago

Yep, thats why he game 9.7 to Bioshock, 9.5 to Halo 3. Thats why hes always the one who gives 3rd party games a lower score on the PS3 for minor details.

Its good to hear him spread some muck on the 360.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4324d ago

Zhuk is right, he is biased or he is now after that rant.

f7ss14324d ago

well alot of the multiplat games that he gave the ps3 a lower score to did merit a lower score since they actually did run worse on that console at the fault of the developer, but i agree he was pretty quick to point out these details on the ps3 before he would the 360. some of his scores were pretty harsh

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